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metal mark

Metal Mark (on 11/03/13) U.S.-based Bad Boy Eddy remind me of early/mid 80's true hair metal....Lizzy Borden-style, a touch of Leatherwolf and even some classic Van Halen. I too thought they might be a veteran band just recently discovered, their sound is that much a throwback to that classic U.S. hair metal sound, but "Over The Top" is brand-spankin' new, and up until this month, were my fave new band of the year. Great stuff and highly recommended if you like some of the bands I listed previously

bad boy eddy , the 2011----2012 events

BAD BOY EDDY played many shows ( several 1st time venues. past shows include :PAT TRAVERSE , / ULI JOHN ROTH./ FASTERPUSSYCAT./ .With our self title studio album nearing final stages we are intent on a release date sometime around the beginning of summer 2012. WE ARE ALIVE AND STILL HUNGRY!! To our loyal fans/ both near and far. , each and everyone of you are so much the reason that we continue to do what we do .BAD BOY EDDY expects to be well into the recording efforts for our next studio album release.. there are videos, local tours, support slots with nationals,OH HELL YA!! Its starting to come together. E.VEGA

Beth Tkpwrapbt
Beth Tkpwrapbt  (over 2 years ago)

ummm... how about some t-shirts??? those are kinduva big seller these days... ROCK T-SHIRTS ARE BACK!!! sooo... we need BBE tanks & t's!!!
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