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“Beast Over Greece-A Tribute to IRON MAIDEN” by METAL HAMMER mag-Greece

Greek METAL HAMMER’s December issue that is out on December 5th is accompanished by an amazing super-collector tribute compilation CD, where some of the most remarkable Greek bands are covering their favorite songs from IRON MAIDEN. Tribute’s name is “Beast Over Greece-A Tribute to IRON MAIDEN”. In this tribute, ACID DEATH has made a Death Metal version of track “Deja-Vu” from IRON MAIDEN’s “Somewhere In Time” album. The full Track-list is the following: 01. SPITFIRE - "Where Eagles Dare" 02. WARDRUM - "Be Quick Or Be Dead" 03. NIGHTSTALKER - "Running Free" 04. BOB KATSIONIS feat. PETER ELLIS - "Moonchild" 05. DREAM WEAVER - "Flight Of Icarus" 06. MAHAKALA - "Hallowed Be Thy Name" 07. ACID DEATH - "Deja Vu" 08. DARK NOVA - "The Clairvoyant" 09. CONVIXION - "Sanctuary" 10. MARAUDER - "Children Of The Damned" 11. MAIDENANCE - "Alexander The Great" See tribute’s trailer below… http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=GR&feature=player_embedded&v=bqT2ao7_fQc

Eidolon-Greek Tour…Thank you All!!

Back from the latest show for “Eidolon-Greek Tour”… A really small plan with big expectations…Touring for first time in our country, playing in Athens, Salonica, Kastoria and Trikala. We’d like to thank Panayotis Charalampous & EPIC MASH, the bands, ONSLAUGHT, VOMITILE, BIOCANCER, EXARSIS, DAGGER OF BETRAYAL, INHUMAN RAGE, BLOOD ERECTION & APHOTIC DIMENSION, for the great moments we shared on stage, everyone who helped this small plan to be true and most of all, ALL OF YOU, boys and girls, who came and see us live!!! See you again!!!


Well, Eidolon CD is out since June 1st and here are some comments that the band accepted from Press: 1) METAL KAOZ e-mag, Greece: 8/10 http://www.metalkaoz.com/album-reviews/6335-acid-death-eidolon.html 2) ROCKHARD.GR magazine, Greece: 8/10 http://www.rockhard.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1946:acid-death--eidolon-noisehead&catid=37:2011-04-04-12-14-47&Itemid=233 3) BLEEDING FOR METAL e-mag, Germany: 7.5/10 http://www.bleeding4metal.de/?show=review_de&id=4307 4) THE WHIPLASHER e-mag, Austria: 10/10 http://www.the-whiplasher.at/cd-reviews/cd-reviews/1456-acid-death-eidolon 5)NOIZY.GR portal, Greece: Excellent. http://www.noizy.gr/index.php?option=com_muscol&view=album&id=258 6) ZWAREMETALLEN.COM e-mag, Germany: 6/10 http://www.zwaremetalen.com/recensie/22845/Acid-Death-Eidolon.html

"Eidolon" available!!

Hello to all!! Today, June 1st, is the release day of band's brand new CD "Eidolon". Here is NOISEHEAD's address for direct order: http://www.noiseheadrecords.com/noiseheadrecords.com/index.php?lang=en Soo available in local stores in Greece

ACID DEATH signs with Austrian NOISEHEAD recs

Hot and great band news!! ACID DEATH, finally signed on Austrian NOISEHEAD records. Band’s 5th official release and the first album after their come back in 2011, “Eidolon” will be out worldwide on June 1st 2012. Label’s indoor promotion department, WildHorizon Media Promotion will undertake the promotion role for the band and the release. A new Era is rising and a lot of hard work is waiting for us all!

"Eidolon" studio reports.

Here are some links from the studio reports for "Eidolon" that are "on air". Thank you guys for your good words!! RockHard mag: http://www.rockhard.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1507%3Aacid-death-studio-report&catid=47%3Agreece-attacks&Itemid=197 Rock Overdose portal: http://rockoverdose.gr/news_details.php?id=10288 Metal Paths mag: http://www.metalpaths.com/reports/studio-report-acid-death-eidolon,13216 Rock Pages mag: http://www.rockpages.gr/detailspage.aspx?id=7170&type=10&lang=GR

Recordings finished. “Eidolon” ready! Greek tour on the way.

Five months have passed, full of hard work and distress…Recording, mixing, processing and all these things that are part of an album’s creation. ACID DEATH gave its 100% on everything. “Eidolon” full-length album, band’s 5th official recording, is ready! ACID DEATH will follow the next step by hitting labels’ doors with the album at hands, hoping for a good deal, not for just one album. Next days a small studio report for magazines and webzines will be organized to present the fist “taste” that “Eidolon” offers… Also, the band is on the way to arrange its first tour over Greece. This is something that never become a reality in ACID DEATH’s past days, for many reasons… So…anyone who thinks that can offer some kind of help is more than welcome! For more…Stay Tuned!!

Very-very close to the final result!

Kostas : “More drumsssss!” Dennis: “Guitars…Louder please!” GusK: “Guitarzzz…More Attack!!” Savvas: “Bass..Vocals…A little louder?” Engineer: “…MUTE ALL!!! ” Some fun! Mixing is always a great and traumatic experience :-) But we are very-very close to the final result!

Back to work!

Back to work! After the latest shows and the whole preparation behind them the band is back to work. The last processes and mixing for “Eidolon” are on the way. Also ACID DEATH is on the way to find a record deal and arrange album’s release. No live-shows in this period, album’s arrangements are band’s first priority!!

Thank you, Athens-Thank you, Coroner!!

A "THANK YOU" to all of you is not enough for yesterday, 17/12/2011!!! Most of all THANK YOU goes to CORONER for coming here in Greece after 19 years and blew our heads up!! Cheers to you all!!!