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Kiitos Finland!!

Just came back from Helvation Festival 2011-Finland…A really BIG experience! The venue, the bands, the people…A real truth in our eyes! Just to express a big THANK YOU to all of you, Fins, and Festival bands! Especially to our brothers, Vesa Isokauppila, Sapsa Jaatinen and Thomas Sandvik and DISENTERTAINMENT for the absolute professionalism, their tremendous help and hospitality!! And also a big THANK YOU to our Spartan brother, Nektarios Poulakos for helping us with all his powers! From the bottom of our hearts… KIITOS FINLAND!!!!!

Recording Updates: Read...

ACID DEATH: Recording Updates: Drums: OK! Bass: OK! Guitars: OK! Leads: OK! Samples/Effects: OK! Vocals: OK! Morale: High! Mood: Excellent! Now…Time for ALL THIS WELL of DI. signals to be driven to the tubes, crank’em’up and finally…time for the album to get mixed!!

Free Comp. released by IGZORDIUM Recs

Find ACID DEATH and 17 other bands at free compilation released by the American IGZORDIUM Recs. Use this link for free download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9QHHTA09

Recordings for "Eidolon" starting...TODAY!

The recordings of ACID DEATH's 3rd studio album, entitled "EIDOLON", start today! The first "item of business" is of course the drums and will be recorded in the DEVASOUND Studios under the guidance of SEPTICFLESH drummer, Fotis Benardo.

ACID DEATH at Helvation Fest-Finland! / Ready for recording EIDOLON

The band is glad to announce its live appearance at Helvation Festival at Helsinki/Finland on December 10, 2011! Helvation Fest is taking place at Dom, Helsinki and the full billing is the following: Helvation Festival 2011 Friday 9/12/2011 Sadist (Ita) Vesania (Pol) Ram-zet (Nor) Noumena (Fin) Suturday 10/12/2011 Pestilence (Ned) Acid Death (Gre) De Lirium's Order (Fin) Septory (Rus) The band would like to thank Disentertainment Promotion/Label/Management for offering this chance! More information at www.disentertainment.com Also, ACID DEATH is starting the recordings for its brand-new full-length CD titled Eidolon (Είδολον). The band will start on September 16 with drum recordings at the famous Devasoundz Studios, Athens, with Fotis Benardo (Septic Flesh) at the console and will continue for the rest at S.I.A. Recordings.

Fast!!! Really f..ing fast!!

Fast!! Really fucking fast!! Things worked really faster than we expected! ACID DEATH’s pre-production is finished! 6 months have passed, full of work and good mood and 10 hellish songs are ready to be recorded. The band will hit studio at August’s fall to record it’s new album, the fifth official release and the first after band's split-up at 2000…titled… EIDOLON.

Finishing the new material-Preproduction and recording

More than 6 months have passed since ACID DEATH announced their comeback. The comments that the band accepted were more than positive and encouraging, and for one more time we want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you! ACID DEATH have almost completed the process of their new songs. From tomorrow, Monday , July 27 the band starts the pre-production for its new full length CD, checking all the necessary details. According to schedule everything will be ready till July 15 and after a small break the band will enter studio at August fall for full recordings. Album title….stay tuned for that!

Recent band reviews.

Well, here are some recent reviews to ACID DEATH's "we are back" promo material 2011 that you can download for free from our official myspace page. We'd like to thank everyone that has kept an eye on us and wrote some words for that small "present"! The new ACID DEATH's full album is near!!! http://www.rockoverdose.gr/news_details.php?id=1449 http://www.metalholocaust.gr/component/content/article/34-kritikes-albums/695-acid-death-promo-2011-self-released.html http://www.metalkaoz.com/album-reviews/605-acid-death-promo-2011.html http://www.metal.de/component/articles/article/46359 http://users.telenet.be/mettal/ThoughtsOfMetal/reviews/reviews_cd2011.htm#acid_death-promo http://www.zwaremetalen.com/recensie/18942/Acid-Death-Promo.html

Band’s officia t-shirts available. Youtube channel-New live videos

ACID DEATH’s official t-shirts are now available for 10 euros (+2 for P.& P.). Use band’s official mail address aciddeathgr@gmail.com for ordering. Also check our Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/aciddeathgr and see the band alive at 5 new live clips from Metal Hammer’s HORRORFEAST 2011. Remember that this was ACID DEATH’s first show after 10 years of absence. Feel free to send your comments.

Band's complete discography and previous unreleased material at ReverbNation

Well...ReverbNation is a really good "home" for all bands! ‎..So!!! Here is a small "present" to all of you that have already asked for and to all of you, new fans, of the band. Find ACID DEATH's complete discography (1993-2011) at very good resolution, including some previous unreleased material, at our ReverbNation site! Notice that you can download for free most of those 31 songs. Enjoy and feel free to send us your suggestions/comments/opinions.