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Fast!!! Really f..ing fast!!

Fast!! Really fucking fast!! Things worked really faster than we expected! ACID DEATH’s pre-production is finished! 6 months have passed, full of work and good mood and 10 hellish songs are ready to be recorded. The band will hit studio at August’s fall to record it’s new album, the fifth official release and the first after band's split-up at 2000…titled… EIDOLON.

Finishing the new material-Preproduction and recording

More than 6 months have passed since ACID DEATH announced their comeback. The comments that the band accepted were more than positive and encouraging, and for one more time we want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you! ACID DEATH have almost completed the process of their new songs. From tomorrow, Monday , July 27 the band starts the pre-production for its new full length CD, checking all the necessary details. According to schedule everything will be ready till July 15 and after a small break the band will enter studio at August fall for full recordings. Album title….stay tuned for that!

Recent band reviews.

Well, here are some recent reviews to ACID DEATH's "we are back" promo material 2011 that you can download for free from our official myspace page. We'd like to thank everyone that has kept an eye on us and wrote some words for that small "present"! The new ACID DEATH's full album is near!!! http://www.rockoverdose.gr/news_details.php?id=1449 http://www.metalholocaust.gr/component/content/article/34-kritikes-albums/695-acid-death-promo-2011-self-released.html http://www.metalkaoz.com/album-reviews/605-acid-death-promo-2011.html http://www.metal.de/component/articles/article/46359 http://users.telenet.be/mettal/ThoughtsOfMetal/reviews/reviews_cd2011.htm#acid_death-promo http://www.zwaremetalen.com/recensie/18942/Acid-Death-Promo.html

Band’s officia t-shirts available. Youtube channel-New live videos

ACID DEATH’s official t-shirts are now available for 10 euros (+2 for P.& P.). Use band’s official mail address aciddeathgr@gmail.com for ordering. Also check our Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/aciddeathgr and see the band alive at 5 new live clips from Metal Hammer’s HORRORFEAST 2011. Remember that this was ACID DEATH’s first show after 10 years of absence. Feel free to send your comments.

Band's complete discography and previous unreleased material at ReverbNation

Well...ReverbNation is a really good "home" for all bands! ‎..So!!! Here is a small "present" to all of you that have already asked for and to all of you, new fans, of the band. Find ACID DEATH's complete discography (1993-2011) at very good resolution, including some previous unreleased material, at our ReverbNation site! Notice that you can download for free most of those 31 songs. Enjoy and feel free to send us your suggestions/comments/opinions.

New material in full process!

New material in full process! The band is preparing the songs for its new, yet untitled, full-length CD, that will come after “Random’s Manifest” of 2000. 11 years after their last official music effort, reunited ACID DEATH have a really positive feeling for the future! The songs are all new ones having nothing to do with what the band left in rough process back in 2001. It is too early to speak about the music structure and this would be rather abuse, having in mind that everything is under hard development. Updates and elements on album’s process will be more than regular. ACID DEATH are ambitious to start recordings during summer of 2011 and the album to be ready at the autumn of 2011. The band is still unsigned and, besides there is a good label offer till album’s finishing, will search for a record deal with its new, completed full-length CD at hands.

To ALL OF YOU, boys and girls!!

To ALL OF YOU, boys and girls, who raised your fists over the air at our first show after 10 years we have ONE thing to say!!! FUCKING THANK YOU!!!! YOU RULE and you know it!!!

26.000 plays and 1500 listeners at Last.Fm??? W.T.F.!!!

‎Today we had a really BIG surprise!!! A band friend found an ACID DEATH profile at Last.FM, created apparently from another band friend back, about 2005... It included 26.000 plays (!!!) and 1500 listeners (!!!) Got really surprised with that!!! Thanks to the guy (or girl!!) that created it!! Day-by-day we feel that the name ACID DEATH was really alive all the past years ...and we dare say that we feel a kind of shame that we stopped the band back at 2001... Sorry for that boys and girls!!! BUT NOW WE ARE BACK FOR SURE!!! Her is the link. http://www.last.fm/music/Acid+Death Again, THANK YOU to You, fan, that created it!!

$0.99 to download ACID DEATH on iTunes...

...$0.99 to download ACID DEATH on iTunes... Has anyone any idea WHO uploaded ACID DEATH on iTunes and has the audacity to sell ACID DEATH without their permission? Itunes never gave us any kind of answer on that question!!! Please DON'T BUY THESE ITEMS!! Use this link to find them for free. We don't support music piracy but we hate the assholes who trying to gain money on musicians' back!! (http://greek-heavy-metal.blogspot.com/)

Pay NOTHING to motherfuckers!!

Pay NOTHING to motherfuckers!! http://greek-heavy-metal.blogspot.com/search/label/Acid%20Death Some people think that ACID DEATH is something like..."rate item" that could be sold more that 30$ at e-bay or at any other similar market...Give them a STRONG answer!! Use this link above to have all our recordings TOTALLY FREE!! Share this link with your friends!! Punk bands at early 80s put the sticker "pay no more than.." on their records. We put the sticker "Pay NOTHING to motherfuckers!!" (Copy and Paste this link at your browser. Don't click on it. MySpace and other sites think that it is a spammer. It isn't!! It is a simple man that says "F**k You" to all those who have the idea that the cost of having a record is equal to your day's work..)