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Scoobie Da Lyricist / Blog


If you want me to hop on your record... All you have to do is send me the track. Send it to scoobdalyricist@yahoo.com and if I like the concept, I'll hop on it. If not... I will let you know that way I am not wasting your time. At the moment... I'm not charging for features... But depending on the demand for a verse from me then I will probably charge a small fee (studio time mostly). Also remember, I do mostly positive and christian music... So if the song you want me for isn't one or the other... I can't be on it. Also if its profanity laced... Sexually explicit... Or glorifying a negative lifestyle... I can't be on that either.


Just a friendly reminder. If you see any content that I post that is B.I.G.S. the it stands for Before I Got Saved. Its pretty much performances and songs that I have done before I got saved. Im not really promoting them but I figured they would be good to show all of my friends where I was before I accepted God into my life and where I am trying to go, Some of the content you see and hear may be explicit. Thats why I placed this tag on them to give you caution before you watched or listen. Remember... Christians have a past... Sinners have a future. #TGBTG

Saturdays Rap Battle

For everyone that misssed the battle... here the cliff notes

Quater Finals

Prez vs. Random - Prez won Mohrer Les vs. Cykilla - Les won Scoobie vs. Southside - Scoobie wins

Semi Finals

Prez vs. Mohrer Les vs. Scoobie - Scoobie and Mohrer Les wins... advance to finals


Scoobie vs. Mohrer Les - Scoobie wins and take the title and prize money

#217WeOn... Yea