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HYBRiD Lyrics

This is For My Family, Tatted Up & Painted Up, Wearin' Pumpkin masks Showin' Up in Their Make Up. In The Crowd Whilin'' Out, Drinkin' Till They Pass Out, Got Them Blunts Passin' Round, Thinkin' to This Sic Hop Sound. This is for the Poor Kids, Ones You made fun Of. Last Kids Picked For The Game That You beat Up. This is For Halloween, Rep it Everyday. Light That Jack O Lantern Kid, It's Time To Celebrate. I Recorded This Song While Crusin' in a Space Ship. Called It Hybrid 'cause Rap it needs a face lift. This is For My Pumpkin Patch Where my ship Crashed, You know I'm a Phoenix Just-A-Risin' From The Ash. This is for My Family Of Freaks & Zeros. Comin' To The Shows Smokin' 'Dro with the Weirdo.This is called a Side show, Star's Celestial. Got Ohio Flows, Extraterrestrial.

This is For The Hybrid Children Of The Moonlight, Hidin' in The Day Light Playin' After Midnight. Diggin' Up Conspiracies & Dyin' In The Streets, Rockin' Shows & Rappin' Is The Life We Lead. (X2)

I come From a Designer Dumpster, Thrift Store Reject, Garbage Monster. Slacks Not Jeans, Safety Pins & Patches, Punk Rock Mind From The Pumpkin Patches. Not enough Chaos & Too Much Order, Made Me UNSTABLE, Mr.Disorder.Garbage Pail Kid on a Comfy Couch, Living Rainstorm, Oscar The Grouch. Welcome To The Side Show, Tragic Comedy, Look at The Slide-show, You Are Me.I know this Flow will amount to Something, Even Though You all called Me Nothing. I'm The Scum, Dump-Star Unwanted, Bastard Son Of a Soldier Haunted. Full of Strife, Pain & Beauty, In The Garbage Can, man You never Knew Me.

This is For The Hybrid Children Of The Moonlight, Hidin' in The Day Light Playin' After Midnight. Diggin' Up Conspiracies & Dyin' In The Streets, Rockin' Shows & Rappin' Is The Life We Lead. (X2)

Hideous & Plastered Up, Insidiously Plottin' Stuff. Strictly for the Rap & Love, Sic Hop Captain From Above. Laughin man I'm Crackin Up, Got That Passion Back it Up. Grab Some Grass & Pack it Up It Helps My Ass from Actin' Up. You Gave my Sister The Needle, You Taught Her all Your Evils. Don't Be worried 'bout me, you better worry 'bout my Peoples. The Sic and Deceitful, Behind You and It's Lethal. Lookin' For Your Ass in Cincinnati with my Bengals. Extraterrestrial, Anti- Evangelist, In The Pumpkin Patch Preachin' This for The sickest Kids. Gettin' This illness be a witness To this. Midwest Sic Hop Shit, Spit By The Most Demented Dick ' Mr.UNSTABLE, The Living Vampire. Straight From Outer Space, Super-Nova on Fire. Spittin' in Your Face Until I Retire. And I'll be doin' that When Tim Tackett Expires.

0DD iNVASi0N Bio

0DD iNVASi0N is a group of Aliens from the 13th Planet, Xinis. They are called the Yhellaz, not because they have glowing yellow flesh as some have claimed. The 0DD iNVASi0N are just the Crab Nebulas' faction of the Anunnaki race. However, the Anunnaki and the Yhellaz have always been enemies. Since their home, Nibiru, was destroyed, the Anunnaki were forced to become transient living in a spacecraft that orbited Earth. They were worshiped as gods. Different religions were set up with doctrines in direct opposition to one another in order to breed disharmony. They created monstrosities, some of which are still on Earth today, The Anunnaki fled the Earth in crafts to other planets. Upon fleeing the Earth, the Anunnaki blew it up, hoping to kill the remaining life because they were under extreme pressure from the 0DD iNVASi0N. Mainly the Earth dwelling Yhellaz, Dr.0RKGAzM, Princess Slaya, King M.A.R.C.U.S., Big Germ & Dr.SKiTZ0. Survivors escaped before its destrution, they are called the Anunnaki Remnants, they think their masters will return & will once again be the gods of Earth, but the Remnants are confused by the clearing of the planet by global warming, volcanoes, fires & wars. They think that these are signs of the return of the Anunnaki to Earth, but they are beginning to suspect their masters can't get through the Crab Nebulan security set up by the Yhellaz, & so the Remnants are becoming terrified to the point that world leaders are now irrational as hatred grows for the 0DD iNVASi0N. The Yhellaz have waited for this very time to perform their final rescue of all the viable beings of light from all levels & from all types of consciousness who are trapped in this dimension. They call this the 0DD iNVASi0N. A mothership is incoming from the Crab Nebula. It's purpose will be to free the Yhellaz & the few humans filled with light. Join the 0DD iNVASi0N while you still have time.


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