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Reviews on Manifesto!!!

“Manifesto are clear contenders to lead the way in the next generation of local metal bands mixing old school clean singing style with very intense drumming and creative guitar solos. Comparable to Adelaide’s own Raven Black Night, Manifesto have a professional demeanour on stage but that doesn’t stop them from rocking out and enjoying themselves! Can’t wait to see what these guys have for us in the future.” - FullMetalAlex, Adelaide Metal Podcast (AMP)

“It's not every day you witness the rise of a star, or in this case a group of them. It wasn't the result of some lucky coupon in a corn flakes box either. But through blood, sweat n tears & absolute dedication 'Manifesto' has risen from the ashes. I first came into contact with guitarist/vocalist Alistair Macmordean approximately 2yrs ago and was completely intrigued by his hardworking attitude, nothing seemed too big! Over this time I've seen the results of his labour become manifest or should I say 'MANIFESTO!' This tight unit known for their big sounds & high energy performance are ploughing through the South Australian heavy metal scene. With strong determination the boys focus is fixed ahead as they move forward with the momentum they alone could generate. One can only sit and observe and it's not every day you witness the rise of a star!” - Randy G, PowerMouth Entertainment

“Australian metal heads check these motherfuckers out NOW! Their name is Manifesto and they play some pretty cool thrashy metal, and you should all drop everything you are doing right now and give them a crank. Like em on Facebook. Download their songs. Support them by banging your head up and down at the front of the stage at their next show!” - Liggy Higgins, Lead Vocalist for Double Dragon