The Battle/Final Eat Meating

We have recently recorded most part of the next song named The Battle/Final Eat Meating, a continuation to Rats. Check it out soon.

Need help on Facebook

Hi, if you have time, please visit our page on Facebook - it's http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sanaxe/133936270007401. We need 25 "likes" to get a direct link! Thank you.

Check them on Reverbnation

... De Buse - the sexiest female voice I've heard on Reverbnation. ... Anthony - a good guy with very amiable songs. ... Roses For Grace - mad metalheads somewhere from East Asia. You should hear the vocalist! )) ... TJ Blackburn (actually the guy played in a band called Wrapped In Plastic). Epic progressive death metal songs with extremely good rhythm section. Downloaded them all. ... John Revitte - a very special singer/songwriter from USA. Love the melancholy, void and sincerity.

Next to come...