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Spoonful Blues Band / Blog

Check? Check?! Check 1 2!

The first show of the 2012 season went off last night after some tense set up and sound issues. Setting up was difficult because the venue was a large industrial building converted into a "church" with it's own in-house band. We had to move a lot of their gear before we could put ours on the stage. The other bigger issue was that we were to be using their in-house P.A. system and "sound man".

Well we got there at 6pm to set up and at 7pm we still had no sound man! Luckily the guy that the promoter hired to shoot video of the show was also the owner/operator of a recording studio and he graciously jumped in with both feet to get everything plugged into the soundboard and working. we were supposed to go on at 8pm but were still fixing sound issues at 8:15pm.

Finally we hit the first notes of our opening tune at about 8:20pm. The band sounded great from what we could gather from some of the audience members during our break. And we had a great time!

Thanks to Alan Smith @ Lamocu Productions, The Well Church, and Ron @ Pegleg Studio for all the efforts put into making this show happen.

Stay tuned for more Spoonful events!

2011 Wrap Up................

November 19 was the Bogie Lake Greenhouse show. The setting was a huge greenhouse (one of many on the property) that was packed full of artists and various local vendors selling their stuff. The band went on at 9am to very cold indoor teperatures and a fairly sparce crowd. But the crowd (and 55 degree temperature) soon increased in size as the first set continued. We had shoppers and vendors dancing and boppin' along while they shopped. Thanks to the Huron Valley Counsil of Arts for having us at this fun event. Last night, Dec. 3rd Spoonful played to many, many hiundreds of people during Detroit's "Noel Night" activity. Spoonful was set up in the front room of the Mackenzie house, a 1895 built Queen Anne style house in downtown Detroit. Hundreds of people past through the house as the night went on and Spoonful delighted them with some great Blues music. A few "Christmas" BLues tunes were also thrown in to the mix. Thank You to Preservation Wayne for having Spoonful as your entertainment for the night, we had a blast! 2011 is coming to an end and the Spoonful Blues Band has had a fun and eventful past year. We will be getting together a few more times before the Christmas holiday to just mess around with some new songs and wind down for the coming "vacation" period. The Spoonful Blues Band will be back next year to a show near you! Have a great Holiday.

Milford Farmers Market

Spoonful played a fun filled 2 sets of Blues for the street full of Farmers Market patrons and vendors. It was a great time and the band had a lot of fun. The only drawback was the damn Michigan weather conspiring agaist us AGAIN!!! Cloudy skys and mid-low 50 degree twmps hampered the crowd turn out somewhat. Wis it could have been a warm sunny event, but whatever.....we rocked the house, errr street anyway.

Michigan Musicians Collective Jam Festival

The day was cloudy and rain spewed from the sky from time to time, but the event was "on" and we hit the stage at 3:45pm. We were tight and the sound crew from Ann Arbor did an awsome job at making us sound great! It was a shame that the weather kept the crowd low but we had a blast. All the other Bands that performed also sounded great and thanks go the the Michigan Musicians Collective for putting together 3 days worth of local talent.

Spoonful plays outdoor Festival

We played at an outdoor "Hot Air Balloon" festival last night. Various bands and solo artists performed throughout the day and evening. We hit the stage at 7pm after a day of near 90 degree temps and spotty rain showers. The music event was put together by the Michigan Musicians Collective and they supplied the sound system and lights. It was a little weird getting used to how the stage sounded as it seemed VERY loud through the monitors. We played a great set but were cut short of our entire pre-determined set list by the one of the events coordinators. Apparently we got the shaft for all of the previous performances running over the alotted times. And since we were 2nd to the last act (before the headliner) we were cut off early. Asside from that minor "surprise" and the unbelievable swarm of onstage mosquitos, the night was a lot of fun. Thanks to all the people (including stage & sound techs) who braved the weather and bugs.

Friday the 13th strikes!

Spoonful pulled off another great show on Friday, May 13th. The band sounded good, the band members were groovin', and the audience was diggin' the music. But down in the bowels of the performance venue a strange thing was occuring! For some reason apparently a "Mexican" fiesta had been scheduled and a DJ was blasting mexican techno in the basement. It was a weird mix of Blues and Mexican dance music at the same time, as the stairway to the basement opened up into the room we were playing. We did our best to continue playing but the other music blaring in the background was quite distracting and some of our third set suffered because of the distraction.

Mama Mia's April 1 2011

The Spoonful Blues Band played a great show. The audience was enthusiastic and a good time was had by all. There were a few "WTF" moments with some missed ques and one particular "key" challenged song! But all in all a very good performance. Mama Mia's may become "regular" venue for Spoonful. The staff loves the band, and it is a very welcoming and pleasant evironment to play in. More to come on that front. Recording for a Spoonful "marketing" package looks to be the next big push for the band. Once a package is developed the band hopes to be able to successfully market itself to different venues and events for greater performance opportunities.

First Entry.......Jan 28th show

The Jan.28th show is now history and went well considering some on stage technical "challenges". Thank you to those of who came who came out in support of us, we really appreciate it. We played 2 sets and managed to somehow play till about 12:30AM (only planned for midnight). Thank you also to Phoenix Cafe for having us. Oh, and NICE dancing.....you know who you are.