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Raine Carosin / Blog


Silly me... Anyways, for you who want to catch up with my news, I usually just do an update on my bio section... Sorry about that... But, the main banana is, at this time, that I've legalized my music and am now a registered songwriter in South Africa... Any questions, please do write or, as I've mentioned before, just search the "oracle engines"... :-}


Read all about it here: http://www.zazzle.com/liberty_ipad_rickshaw_sleeve-205454879133789857


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https://www.musicxray.com/tip_jars/67 just got this tip jar from music xray... cool idea...


MAKING BURGERS And BreadCrumbs have mysteriously disappeared … So, there I was… I had done the garlic, onion and mushroom in margarine, in a pan, and had let the liquid cook off; put the mince in the mixing bowl and cracked sommer TWO eggs for moisture, and started to look for the breadcumbs… Nope, they had taken up their lodgings somewhere else, and I was in a bit of a panic, calling the café on the corner who stated that they were SOLD OUT, and it was already dark, and here in Gauteng (Get a gun land) I don’t venture out once the sun has set, alone anyways, and Hubby firmly stated after I came back in from scouring the neighbours’ flats for anyone at home with breadcrumbs, that it didn’t matter, and No, he wasn’t going to walk with me to the shops and why didn’t I use flour… Well, I almost died, but then, spied my packet of Cheese Curls, and thought, eh? What if that would work as a substitute… Decided first to go onto the net and found a couple of people who had also – through some weird Universal Decree – not had the convenience of breadcrumbs… nothing about Cheese Curls, though… Determined to not succumb to mince, eggs and the mushroom mix served on rice or something, I mean, I wanted Hamburgers… I sauntered into my domain and crushed a quarter of the large packet and tipped it into the mince. It looked good. I added some grated cheese and flour (a large tablespoon or so) for good measure. I mean, flour is the main ingredient in bread… Logic… yeah… I mixed it all together and then went through the painful task of taking the sticky mince mixture and patting it with the flour I’d poured onto my only “flour” working surface – my washing machine – and it started to look good… The frying pan had been dressed with oil and after it had heated up on high, I put it down to medium and proceeded to do my hamburgers. I’ve just taken my first bite and am pleased as punch. My mushroom mix had been salted before while cooking, and I figured the Cheese Curls and the grated cheese had enough salt, so I hadn’t added any, but while frying the burgers, I had sprinkled some Aromat on the one side. Delicious. And soft. Just having my second bite… Yes, indeed, this is a good recipe… Will add pictures for your convenience… Mmmm… yes, definitely a darned good Universal reason for not noticing the escaped BreadCrumbs… There you go… This works… Slow fried mushroom, cheese, onion, garlic burgers… Always good wishes to you all Raine Carosin 26 December 2011


Today (15/10/11 Sat) Pierre and I had to be up early on a weekend, and we dreaded it, but it came and the alarm killed our dreams...! When we came back from our duties, I was notified of a fan on reverb. Now, I'm not usually awake in the mornings, coz I prefer to do my things from afternoon to just before dawn, having more of a quiet time then to myself... I went to their page and saw it was GWAMBA, Salem, OR and so, unwittingly, I put them on to play, and BOY, OH BOY! I was blown away... So was Hubby... You know when "the planets align" and everything just falls into place? Well, I was full of life and inspired to paint a picture, set myself free from the horrible bondage of not being able to record any music, and am going to post the painting on southafricanartists.com in a mo... I'd like to send it to GWAMBO, coz it's kinda personal: you see, he asked in one of his songs: "Show me where to go" or something like that, or "where should I put my feet" (I can't remember exactly, so I thought that a painting says a thousand words, so this is for GWAMBO... There are millions of other songs out there and I'd love to hear them all, so, let me stop waffing and get on with posting the painting on sa artists.com.... I can't get a message through to Gwambo to tell him the painting is there, so hopefully, one day, they will check this out... Warmest wishes to all and please forgive misunderstandings... it's not easy for me to make myself clear and a-go-go... LOL! :-} Found place on reverb to post painting under "photos"...