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Solace of Requiem / Blog

You Can Now Preorder The New Album LISTEN FREE!

Pre-Order 'Casting Ruin' Now And Immediately Get 2 Song Downloads And The Complete Album Download Of 'The Great Awakening' (Available Worldwide August 29th) https://vicisolumrecords.bandcamp.com/album/casting-ruin

Ulcerate, Wormed, Solace Of Requiem and Gigan, European Tour 2014

Solace Of Requiem will be touring Europe in November and December with Ulcerate, Wormed, Gigan and one support band TBA. A big thank you to The Flaming Arts Agency and Doomstar Bookings for their part in having us participate! We will also be touring as headliner on a smaller tour in Eastern Europe around this same time. More details on that are coming soon!

Solace Of Requiem Signs Deal With The Flaming Arts Agency

Solace Of Requiem is pleased to announce that The Flaming Arts Agency will now be representing the band as their booking and management company. We are all expecting great things from the new album (Casting Ruin), that has been slated for release this August. And now, with the help of TFA, things are looking better than ever!

Be on the lookout for tour announcements, various promotional endeavors, as well as new audio and video media, as we get set to kick this whole thing off. We hope you're all ready for the onslaught?! SOR would like to sincerely thank Jon Knight for believing in them and giving them this opportunity!

Solace Of Requiem Signs Deal With ViciSolum Productions

Coming this August on ViciSolum Productions, Solace Of Requiem's fourth album, Casting Ruin, will be released! A very special "thank you" to Thomas Hörnkvist and ViciSolum Productions for giving us this opportunity. The album contains 9 tracks and will be available in digital formats, as well as on CD and Vinyl. Before its release, we will have a video made for one of the tracks. We will also be doing presales for the album, so stayed tuned for more info. Casting Ruin was recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Elliot at Mana Studios in St. Petersberg, Florida, 2013.

"We are looking forward to releasing our new album and showing the world what can be done with music when one is not conformed to the status quo. Originality is our objective! And with our new music, no one will be able to deny that synopsis. You will never hear anything like this from another band. We do not create what has already been done. Although we are not the Omega... We are the Alpha! HAIL SCIENCE!" - Jeff Sumrell, Solace Of Requiem

New Album, New Label, New Videos and Much More COMING SOON

A lot has happened since the new album was first recorded at Mana Studio last year! There are plans to shoot a new video for one of the songs, as well as create an album trailer. There are also some shows and tours being planned. And perhaps most importantly of all, there are plans to promote and release the album on a New Label!

That's right! We finally found a suitable label to release the new material! Obviously, we're very happy to have found a label that is as committed as we are to seeing this album do well. But the thing that we're most happy about, is no longer having to weed through all the bogus "labels" that wanted our album for absolutely nothing in return! We found a company that is an actual label, and not a wanna-be label, like it seems the industry is currently teaming with. This was no easy task! But, it's over now. And boy does it feel exhilarating!

Unfortunately, we can't go into too much detail about who it is and all that stuff. The contract is still pending and as the saying goes, anything can happen! So, for now, all we can say is that the album is scheduled to be released in late August 2014. So some really good things are going to start happening soon and we're excited as hell to tell you all about it once it's finalized.

The album promotion will start soon. So that means reviews, radio and all that stuff will be visible shortly. As well as a new video and an album trailer. We also have some show dates in the USA and in EU that will be posted soon. Rest assured, that as soon as we finalize a single aspect of this endeavor, it will be posted accordingly. In other words, a whole lot of posts are going to be made over the next few months. We will make each post in the same way we take our bong rips.... One at a time, brothers and sisters! One at a time!

Jeff Sumrell Takes Over Bass & Vocal Duties For RESURRECTION On Tour

Solace Of Requiem is happy to announce that SOR's own Jeff Sumrell will be taking over bass and vocal duties for Florida old school death metal legends, Resurrection, during their tour of Europe this March. In 2010, Jeff had taken over vocal duties for the band when their original singer, Paul Degolyer, had a family emergency and had to leave Europe unexpectedly at the beginning of the tour. The band had since acquired a new member, but things didn't work out between them and it ultimately left Resurrection without a bassist and singer for their upcoming tour dates in Europe. Jeff was contacted directly by the band and asked to fill the role. Jeff has agreed and so he will be hitting the road with the band in the next month.

2013 EU Tour Summary & Photos / Press Kits Launched (PART 1)

The EU Tour is over now :( You know, the musicians are the only ones in today's society that love their craft so much, that they actually spend their own hard earned money just to go to work again! We love the road! Through thick and thin, the good and the bad, all the screaming, fighting, drinking and smoking, we fucking love every single minute of it!

It's just a sad and somber moment when the realization kicks in that there's no show tonight. And we have so much work ahead of us in order to be able to spend another crazy few weeks eating bad food (or not eating at all), driving extremely long hours under cramped conditions and suffering through all the other wonderful hardships that make up the stories that we could never tell our grandchildren.

We love it so much that we will do everything in our power to get back on the road ASAP. We're just in the process of submitting all our press kits containing our new album. So, hopefully we'll get some management, label support and/or booking assistance soon that will ultimately lead to us getting back out on tour this summer?!

We thank every single one of you that helped us do this 2013 tour in one way or another. We might forget to mention a few people, but we don't mean it in a bad way! After all, you were probably as ripped as we were! And we were pretty ripped! So if we forget you, just recall the foggy memories of the fun we had together!

Firstly we have to thank Kevin Heiderich for playing second guitar for us live. He did a great job! He was a fun guy that was a bit moody sometimes, yet, made up for it with his epic ability to say the weirdest shit while wearing women's shoes! We also have to give a preliminary "thank you" to Andreas Maierhofer and Lost Dreams, as well as Fabio Riaudo and the awesome guys with Unknown - The Southern Cockblasters, for being a part of our tour. Than you guys so much!

2013 EU Tour Summary & Photos / Press Kits Launched (PART 2)

Thank you to Sebastian Mischitz, Wolfgang Reutz and the Dornbirn Crew for all their hospitality! The tour would have really sucked without all of you! Etze, Ann and the Iron Eagle Crew for not only having a spot for us on their festival, but allowing us to crash in their bar (The Iron Eagle) during our downtime in Germany. Patrick Roscher, Markus, Päskill and Chains Of God, Roman Meixner and all our awesome friends and fans from Germany! You are all deeply appreciated!

Mihai Coro Caraveteanu, Florin Bunget, Traian and Romanian Thrash Metal Club, Florescu Paul Lucian, Guilherme Miranda and all the great guys from Krow, Federico and the guys from Riul Doamnei, Corny Hammer and Ahab, Pontus Arvidsson and all the other great promoters, bands and AMAZING fans and friends in Romania! You are all forever in our hearts! We can only hope to come back to see you again for another great time in your beautiful, lively and poorly understood country! You guys were the best part of the tour! And that's saying a lot, considering your roads FUCKING SUCK! :D

Thank you to all our Holland friends! Some of you I can't tag. Some of you, well, we just can't remember your names! SORRY!! But you do live in a place where weed is legal and junk food is the national specialty! You guys are all awesome! Especially the people that let us crash at their places! Bas Wijnbergen, Rene Brugmans and Burning Hatred! Thanks sooooooo much guys! Wilco de Vries! Thanks man! All the guys from Waco Jesus and their incredibly funny tour package! All you guys were awesome, it's just too bad we didn't have more time to spend together!

Dirk (our awesome friend with Dreadlocks)! THANK YOU MAN! And do let us know about hooking us up with a certain booking agency you said you could help us send our new album to! Not saying any names ;) And also our other friends from Drachten who let us sleep at their places, fed us, kept us baked and ultimately had a shitty experience with us because you lost your wallet. That really sucks bro! I hope you find it because it was more than slightly awkward to be guests in a house where a wallet is missing!

All the amazing people in Steenwijk at the De Buze! You took excellent care of us, housed us and made us breakfast! The bad news is now we want to move in! How much is rent? Twan Sibon and his hospitality! And the one gift that we could really appreciate.... A package of Stroopwafels for each of us! And again, all the amazing friends and fans from around the EU that have supported us! THANK YOU ALL!!

Now it's time for us to go back to work! We'll do whatever we can to make it out to you all again soon! Hopefully this whole "press kit" thing will work out for the best?! We can't predict the future, but we can tell you this.... Our belief is that the only viable way for us to succeed in the music industry is to play live! Music is no longer a product, it's promotion! So we can guarantee you all that if/when we do contract some help, it's going to be help for getting us on the road as close to 365 as possible! See you all again soon! You were all amazing and we miss you already!!


SOR Euro Tour 2013

None of our usual suspects for second guitar duties will be able to make the tour this year. But, fortunately for us, we have found a guy that is more than capable of helping us fill the spot. He's young, talented and eager to be a more well known presence in the music industry. That, and he's based in Germany. Which makes him an absolutely perfect choice for this year's European show dates! So, without further ado, Solace Of Requiem would like to welcome Kevin Heiderich to the band. Kevin will be helping us live this year on guitar, along side Richard Gulczynski. Kevin is a very accomplished guitarist and has tons of videos online. You should check him out! He's trying to find more work as a touring guitarist and we thought it would be best to shamelessly whore him on the off chance someone was looking. His role model is actually a friend of ours, Mr. Danny Tunker. It's easy to see why he would look up to Danny. His obvious talent, success and passion to play various types of music would make any striving young session guitarist smile. That's right Danny.... I think you're the cats meow to him?! Or perhaps the apple of his eye?! Maybe the bees knees?! I'm really not sure?! But it doesn't matter You can see some of Kevin's best videos here: http://www.youtube.com/DawnOfResurrection

November 15 - Innsbruck, Austria @ Livestage November 16 - TBA November 17 - Dornbirn, Austria @ Schlachthaus November 18 - Milano, Italy @ Coop Portalupi November 19 - Leiní (Turin), Italy @ White Lion November 20 - TBA November 21 - Chemnitz, Germany @ AJZ November 22 - Gera, Germany @ Südbahnhof November 23 - Hohenstein, Germany @ Autumn From Hell Festival

November 29 - Bucharest, Romania @ November To Dismember Festival November 30 - Cluj, Romania @ Irish Pub

December 06 - Leeuwarden, Netherlands @ Cafe' Mukkes December 07 - Steenwijk, Netherlands @ De Buze

Label Shopping

After 2 years of writing, countless late nights, blood, sweat, tears, and several other more questionable body fluids, SOR is now ready to shop their fourth studio album for label consideration. The new album has been fully mixed and mastered by the very talented Mr. Brian Elliot at Mana Recording Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida, and is ready to be sent out in order to solicit label support. It's funny how so much of your life is spent just trying to afford yourself a single chance at greatness. So much time, thought and passion went into this album's creation that it's almost scary to think that in a few months, the album will either have label support or it will not. A blunt and sudden end to a long and arduous process, that will ultimately grant the satisfaction of success, or the cold and somber haze of dissatisfaction. The album will by no means be a failure, just because it doesn't get signed to a label! But this album is really great and we expect big things from it. The composition of the album is like nothing ever conceived before! It's still blackened death metal, and holy hell is it brutal! But it has it's own structure that is totally unique to anything before it, with the exception to classical music composition. That, and it has amazing beauty not only in it's structure, but in the outrageously haunting and epic passages throughout. Especially the parts with guitar solos! The album goes to places that no one has ever dreamed of before, and with such a great masterpiece, one can only hope for the biggest audience to have the opportunity to appreciate it. This is why it's so crucial to have label support for this album. Honestly, the money just isn't there for us to properly promote this album on our own. To have the proper audience hear it, we'd need to have magazine ads, serious web promotion, tours, festivals, album trailers, videos, etc.., and unfortunately, we just don't have the cash to facilitate all that stuff alone anymore. So we're hoping to combine forces with a label on this effort, and really get this one out there to the masses. It deserves to be heard! With any luck, this album will get to the right person's ears and we'll be well on our way to bringing it to yours in no time. Be patient, wish us luck, and we'll hopefully be putting this album out soon and totally blowing your mind! Classically Composed and Brutally Rendered!! Please, no review or radio requests yet! This album will stay unreleased until we have the time to properly shop it. But if you're with a label and/or management company, and you are interested in receiving a copy of our album and 2013 presskit. Please Contact Us for information on how to receive it by mail post or download it online.