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Welcome to July. This is my blog for the month. As you know I love all kinds of music not only hip-hop music. We celebrate Independence and freedom worldwide even underground independent artists. With that being said. There are so many musical events in outside of hip-hop going on in many places New York City and across the country. Why I do not show up too many of them. Because they do not recognize that they used to be an independent artists or that they are independent artists.. They do not support local artists like myself. so I do not show up. I've supported and represented many events in New York City for many years and not one has Asked me to Perform. I'm not mad it does not stop my hustle. I have a few very big plans coming up that God has opened up for me setting well records soon. but i still find it kind of disrespectful that they do not recognize true artists who love the culture and support their events in the communities. I see this on my travels around the country in the United States where it is bias. Call me what you want but you could never make me a fool when I speak the truth. Always remember underground music we are the balance and I don't need a crew to do a one-man job. So all artists stand firm and stand strong with your dignity! The industry is running out of people and are refurbishing artist now. LoL . We shall triumph soon! Independents, unity, freedom in the name of good music and justice for all. I love you all dearly stay blessed. soon we shall rise. Have a glorious month everyone!

"Warriors Logic"

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Harlem Story

***NEW VIDEO*** "Harlem Story" Filmed in NYC.... http://youtu.be/UsK59vBfVQw Directed by Kev Hutch Produced by D.B.S./Stillman & Kev Hutch Filmed by Kimberly Fashaw, Kanaiah Nicole & Kev Hutch Edited by Kev Hutch & LMK peace of mind designs On Album: "Warriors Logic" #1 album on Underground music scene!!! Be sure to purchase this single or album today!!!! https://kevhutchhustle.bandcamp.com/album/warriors-logic

**New March Album**

Released early!!!! "Warriors Logic" by Kev Hutch This album is built with the elements of Hip Hop culture and music. Poetically and wisely put together with a verbal display from a historic street warrior with logic. If your into laid conscious music. This is your #1 seller for Underground Music. Produced by Kev Hutch Co-produced by D.B.S./Stillmin, Dj Du Shine, Curley Washington & Cheff Preimer Purchase any single or the album here today https://kevhutchhustle.bandcamp.com/album/warriors-logic

Have a great week

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred, let me show love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy. And still many blessings to those who support and those who don't support what I do. it's all good either way. much love to you all. Have a productive and enjoyable week ahead!

Thank you all

I wake every morning, starting my day with, This feeling of Joy This feeling of relief This feeling of freedom This feeling of power Of belonging Of accomplishment. Being part of something Appreciating Your compliments Your satisfaction with my work It gives you hope Gives you joy Almost amends all wounds I am happy with this I seen the beauty in it all You all are amazing All you have done, even Those who say nothing but watch from the sideline , I still say Never let anyone put you down Always remember you can do anything you put your mind too You are special in your own way You deserve all happyness Dont let anyone kill your joy You are in control now. Do whats best for you Okay .. Now with that being said, enjoy your wonderful day and productive week ahead..


I want to thank everyone for their support & for playing all the Kev Hutch music... The mailing list got maxed out so I changed the exclusive downloads to just downloads.... You can still download the free songs... Also songs can be purchased at Reverbnation, Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify & other digital outlets as well... http://www.reverbnation.com/kevhutchhustle


Kev Hutch Not concerned with fashion or thuggin, Hutch wants to bring you to his reality show:to stop the matrix of the media-obsessed, consumerist zombified modern world. Hailing from the Upper West Side of Manhattan then Moving to harlem in the 90's. With good friends like Kurt Burrows and 98.7 Kiss FM's Prince Messiah working with Hutch establishing himself in a war torn music industry Hutch links up with Mike G and Sammy B creating groups of self made artists called Bush Camp making clothes and music. Giving Hutch a start on his first two promos featured on New York City's Kiss FM and Hot 97 on DJ Red Alert's great show.hutch Being a set designer for featured films like Srtictly Business, Fly by Night, Who's the Man, Hutch paves his style of music and videos. To collaborate with the following hip-hop luminaries:, collaborating on preproduction with Roc Raida, Psycho Les of the Beatnutz, Lucian,Destro from Professional Hitz, and others.Sensational produces some tracks with Hutch for a hot selling WordSound Album called Get on My Page. Which brings them to the next album called Natural Shine. freaky beats and explosive lyrics, Hutch puts out two underground albums for streets and record labels. Albums called {Real World} and {Vitamin Hutch}. Now it brings Hutch the next level of music. completely incensed with what was being passed off as hip-hop by the corporate media. Hutch reaches out to the masses being spoon-fed fabricated, over-commercialized, so-called hip-hop a behind-the-scenes look abject materialism, a tabloid news media, and an indifferent governmenT.