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BB Rock and the Ringers / Blog

New name, new schedule

It seems that the name change has precipitated a number of blessings for our band...whether directly or indirectly related...Praise Yahweh! Our involvement with Tubby's Nightclub, 4 new venues booked, having more shows the month of Sept. than we've had all year...yes, indeed, things are looking up for us, and God willing, may our efforts continue to get us noticed :)

New Mobile App

The mobile app for BB Rock and the Ringers is here! Download and enjoy!

Arriving in rockstar fashion

Whitstock could have provided us with some good video material, which was the reason I packed both of my video cameras for the show. I figured we'd be there about 2:30 pm, supposedly go on somewhere around 3-ish, and would have time to snag someone I knew there to operate the walkabout camera while I set up the tripod and set the timer, etc. However, I was riding to the show with Brian, and around the time he was to pick me up and go to the show, he was suffering from a beard emergency...yes his clippers died in the middle of doing a serious trim job on his beard, LOL! So we had to stop and pick up a new set of clippers, then go back to his house and finish what he started. By the time we got back on the road (3:45 pm), we got the phone call from Eric, "Hey, where are you guys at? This band's playing their last song and we're up next!". So, we showed up in rockstar fashion, just before we were to go on stage, and I never got to set up either camera to film our performance...and the moral of the story is: NEVER RIDE WITH BRIAN. (LOL! jk brother!)

New addition to the band means new demo ;)

While we realize our audio and video demo is fairly new and fairly adequate, it no longer will do the new lineup any justice. With the acquisition (I find that word amusing, like we purchased Trevor from "free agency") of our new member, it would only be fair to him and to the listening audience to produce a new demo (audio and video) able to more accurately portray the new BB Rock and the Ringers. If this were a situation where we simply replaced a member...it MAY not have been necessary, but Trevor is probably the only musician we are willing to give up our coveted 3 piece assemble for, as he will be ADDING so much to our chemistry. So, ladies and gentlemen, look forward to the next installment of a BB Rock and the Ringers audio and video demo in the coming weeks!