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Melani Miguel / Blog

Life is short... So live it to the fullest...!

மெலானி மிகெல்

Life is short... So live it to the fullest...!

I'm told that I have a very intense personality. Well, my favourite colour is red, so that could explain my fiery personality, I guess...

I'm very passionate about things I believe in. Like, Family, Friends, Love, Spirituality, Health & Fitness, Improvement & Knowledge of Self. Above all GOD is paramount in my life. So don't be surprised if I reference HIM a lot...

I'm a Born Again Christian. A CHRIST believer if you will. NOT religious in the conventional sense but definitely centered in the spirit. I trust & thank GOD 100% for everything & everyone in my life. I also look to Eastern philosophies to gain a better understanding of who & what I am in the grander scheme of things.

I'm a firm believer in living life to the fullest. This isn't a rehearsal, so I try to make every moment count, with people that count! I love to sing, dance, love & laugh. Boy do I LOVE to laugh (and loud... )! Life is too short to take things too seriously.

Family & Friends & the lightness their presence invariably brings to my gloomiest of days, is how I keep my perspective on life clear. I'm proud to say I'm a mother of 2 absolutely blessed sons. They, especially, keep me grounded.

I'm a people person, so I love socializing...(not JUST clubbing...), but talking & enjoying people face to face... But I equally enjoy my solitude. Reading a book in my bed while Jazz music plays softly in the background or chilling out on the couch watching a flick or a T. V. show is how I relax from a hard days work...

I'm a professional singer/songwriter so I definitely have a respect & a deep appreciation for the performing & fine arts. I studied musical theater & vocal Jazz, so LIVE entertainment is the way to go for me... Although... I love the movies just as much... Nothing beats movie popcorn! :D

As much as I enjoy all the amenities that modern living has to offer I equally enjoy the outdoors. Especially walking, hiking, fishing & camping. I'm a computer geek, so spending regular time in the gym is how I keep a sedentary lifestyle at bay...

In a nutshell... What I feel I am & am proud to be is UNCONVENTIONAL! I've always been one to push the envelope, swim upstream & basically challenge social & cultural norms that tend to box me in.

In my life, there's never a dull moment! And I have every intention to keep it that way...!!! :D