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Shawnee Kilgore / Blog

let that songbird go


austin skyline

a new Collection of Recorded Songs has been long overdue! and now that i've realized Eureka!!!!! i am the one that makes the things i want to happen happen.... i'm going to make it happen! again. simple. done. i decided against "songs for strangely"....(though a fairly phenomenal collection of songs that is! too many tho.....too many ;) and decided instead on "austin skyline," which will be (most of) the songs i've written since arriving in austin a few months ago. man is this place good for that! they're still coming, and recently in collaborative form with a few amazingly talented individuals.... and last night i really pushed new borders by not only writing a song in bar chords that i was able to properly identify (it's never too late to learn.....i will be the first to say) but being both delighted and distraught to find A# to be the last piece of the puzzle. delighted that i found it, yet distraught over it trumping the Dreaded B as the Worst Chord Ever! little did i know...... and little do i still know, of this i am certain.

Christopher Morse, Songwriter
Christopher Morse, Songwriter  (over 3 years ago)

Hey, Shawnee. That's great news about your new collection of songs. I didn't realize you were in Austin. I lived there for about a year and a half in the late 70s. You're right, it's a great town to write (and play) music in.Can't wait to hear Austin Skyline.

With great anticipation,


Shawnee Kilgore
Shawnee Kilgore  (over 3 years ago)

hey! i've been wondering about you..... i'm having such a swell time here :) good people and good music, just makes for, well good times and good friendships. these folks are really blowing me away....awesome awesome people, not to mention talented as all getout! how are you good sir?

song of the day

i have decided to record and upload one new song a day for the next week. i've been struggling with the recording thing lately...it's a magnifying glass, you know? bringing out every little wrinkle and flaw and all the frustrations that go with it.....but i do want to be able to record my babies at home in my jammies :) so what is there to do but keep doing what we love and keep working towards where we would like it to take us. all we can do is our best :)

the song of the day will be at the top of the list! any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

blessings, and keep doing what you do :)

an awesome, strong, creative young woman

so the other day i took a few moments to sit down and write out the thoughts that i actually have about myself and my music (not just the positive ones that i try to drill in every day!) just to see what was really going on in there.... and was pretty amazed at what came out. i don't think anyone would believe it! i'm sure we all have our own demons to battle, but man oh man! and i do claim to really truly love myself.....so....what the %#$&?! i sent the list to my mama and we spent an hour on the phone going over each thing i wrote and she insisted i take notes on why i was full of you-know-what (she used the real word ;) it was an eye opener for sure and i am sad to think of how poorly i have supported an awesome, strong, creative young woman. 'cause really it shouldn't matter if it's me or someone else; unconditional love shouldn't stop when it comes to ourselves. SO. that being said i have vowed to treat myself much better and stop treating my "ego" like the big bad wolf whose sole mission is to torment me (and win!). it's not separate; it's just me. and i must've made some sort of peace because last night i slept the night through for the first time in as long as i can remember.

here's to loving ourselves!!!! :)

my favorite things

in the spirit of thanksgiving, and super awesome new beginnings, i'm going to take some time tomorrow to make a list of my ten favorite things :) i do know that new songs and thrift stores are going to be on it...and i actually love creative cooking from leftovers in the frigde, it's up there.