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Reverbnation at it again

Once again I see that the folks at Reverbnation are pulling a fast one to squeeze some money out of musicians. They have degraded the original sound so you will buy into their new Sonix program.... go figure.

Reverbnation Changes

I have noticed that your ranking is no longer by what your fans do but rather how much money you spend on the promotions that they offer. I have checked out artist that have come out of nowhere to overtake the rankings.... does it make sense that someone with 127 fans are ranked higher than one with 45,000?? .... crazy stupid is going on!

Down, but not out.

I had back surgery last Thursday 11/16 and they tell me it will be awhile before I can play. ERRRRRR!!!! If they only knew!

DC Jazz
DC Jazz  (over 1 year ago)

On the mend and doing well.... already playing again.

Sunrise To Sunset

Music by DC ~ Lyrics and Vocal by YvonneJ

I just can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy working with this amazing lady with all this soul for music.


Yvonne J
Yvonne J  (about 2 years ago)

Hi David, I just saw this post you made....a day late and a dollar short I guess, but wanted to thank you for the nice comment. It is a true pleasure to collaborate with a musician of your stature, you are an amazing musician, long may it continue...♫ Sunrise to Sunset is a beautiful song.

New Song Uploads

I posted 2 new songs today, Rio De Janiero Blue and Stormy Weather. I met a vocalist that wanted to collaborate with me through the internet and we are fast becoming friends. You should check out her music on Reverbnation...She is YvonneJ


Reverb Nation Limitations

I have another Reverb Nation Page - justanothercatwithaguitar and I have reached my fan limit. It was then that I decided to take my instrumental tunes and move them here to this page so I could continue to meet and become a fan of my favorites here in the RN world. I wish to say Cudos to all my fans and thanks to those that have allowed me to listen to such great music and great musicianship!!

May you all have much success!!

dc (Cat)