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Tracks from the latest album now up!

It's taken a while, but we've finally got around to adding 4 tracks from the latest alum, maledictus eris! Hope you all enjoy them :)

Svartsot spiller i ”hjembyen” for første gang siden 2008

Fredag den 14. oktober spiller Svartsot koncert i Randers for første gang i over 3 år. Denne gang spiller bandet på Tante Olga (Søndergade 6), og opvarmning leveres af Heidra og Fairytale Abuse. Sidstnævnte band har netop offentliggjort, at de stopper i den nærmeste fremtid, og at denne koncert bliver en af deres sidste.

Forrige gang bandet spillede i Randers var i september 2008, blot et par måneder før den omfattende udskiftning i rangerne. Denne gang stod Heidra ligeledes for opvarmning. Siden da har Svartsot rejst sig fra askerne, og er nu i gang med at promovere det tredje album (det andet med den nuværende besætning), maledictus eris.

Svartsot to play in Russia

We can now officially announce that Svartsot will be playing at the two Oktobierfest 2011 shows in Russia. The shows will take place at Club Arctica in Saint Petersburg on October 7th and at Moscow Concert Hall in Moscow on October 8th. This will be our first trip to Russia and we will be performing alongside Finnish folk metal legends Korpiklaani and the power metal band Dreamtale, also from Finland. We look forward to meeting our Russian fans in October!

Recent news

The tour of Denmark started this weekend just gone, and we would now like to thank everybody. Firstly the bands: Heidra, Rarefaction and Fejd in Svendborg and Sylvatica on Bornholm. And all of those who helped us – a special thanks goes out to Per and Kamila on Bornholm for their hospitality! Finally to the fans who came to both shows.

We can also inform fans that an extra show has been added to the list supplied earlier. The show will take place at Gyngen in Århus on Saturday October 29th, and support will be provided by Sylvatica and Fairytale Abuse.

Last but not least, we’d like to remind all fans in the Copenhagen area that we will be playing at Studenterhuset on Saturday September 17th, and support will be provided by Sylvatica. We hope to see as many there as possible :)!

Danish tour announced

We can now officially announce the tour of Denmark which starts on September 2nd and will take place on various weekends throughout the remainder of 2011. The tour has been given the name the “…Og Landet ligger så øde hen”-tour (for English-speakers the tour title is “…And the Country is so Desolate”), and comprises of 9 dates at the present time, although there will almost certainly be added more dates over the next few weeks. So far the tour schedule is this:

September 2nd – Harders, Svendborg with Heidra (DK), Rarefaction (DE) and Fejd (SE) September 3rd – Musikhuzet, Rønne with Sylvatica (DK) September 17th – Studenterhuset, Copenhagen with Sylvatica October 14th – Tante Olga, Randers with Heidra and Fairytale Abuse (DK) October 28th – Paletten, Viborg with Phonomik (DK) and Heidra November 11th – Pavillonen, Grenaa with Sylvatica and tba November 12th – Magasinet HM88, Nakskov with Sylvatica and tba November 25th – Vershuset, Næstved with Heidra and Sylvatica November 26th – Studenterhuset, Aalborg with Heidra and Sylvatica

Album teaser online!

A teaser form the new album, maledictus eris, can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fno5XWlt3Gk

Pre-order maledictus eris now!

It is now possible to pre-order the new Svartsot album, maledictus eris, on Napalm Records' online store. The order can be made here: http://tiny.cc/ianmp. The first 250 orders placed will receive a limited free A2-sized cover poster with their purchase!

Album details

We’re proud to be able to release the cover artwork and tracklist for the third Svartsot album; maledictus eris.

As previously announced, the album recounts the tale of the Black Death’s incursion into Danish history from 1349 to 1350. The album begins the tale from just prior to the plague’s arrival through to when the first bout relinquished its grasp, and focuses on the way the epidemic affected the population – from victim to survivor. We have taken more inspiration from medieval music than on previous albums, and the feel of the album in general has taken a darker and more emotive turn on this recording.

We are extremely satisfied with the way this album has turned out and hope that the fans – both old and new – will take kindly to it. But at the same time, we should also make clear that this album is somewhat different to its predecessors, and not for the worse as far as we’re concerned.

We have a series of live dates in Denmark lined up for after the release, and hope to be able to add more European dates to the list soon. News on dates and leading up to the release will be posted as soon as we have it.

The tracklist is as follows:

Staden… Gud giv det varer ved! Dødedansen Farsoten kom Holdt ned af en Tjørn Den forgængelige Tro Om jeg lever kveg Kunsten at dø Den nidske Gud Spigrene …Og Landet ligger så øde hen

And the release dates are:

27.07.2011 ESP/FIN/SWE 29.07.2011 G/A/S, Benelux, ITA 01.08.2011 Rest of Europe 09.08.2011 USA/CAN

Til vores danske fans

Så er vi ved at komme ud af vores vinterhi, og de første af vores forårskoncerter er lige om hjørnet! På fredag (d. 8. april) spiller vi på Fermaten i Herning (sammen med Forcentury fra København og Battery fra Aabenraa), og det bliver en ekstra speciel koncert for os. Ikke nok med, at det bliver første gang vi spiller ”herhjemme” i Jylland siden 2008, så bliver det også første gang den nuværende line-up spiller i Jylland. Og så kan vi nu offentliggøre vores nye live guitarist! Det er Uffe Dons (eks-Unbelief, eks-Modra). På lørdag (d. 9. april) tager vi så til Uffes hjemby, Odense, og spiller på Kansas City (sammen med Forcentury og Sylvatica fra Fyn). Vi glæder os til at se så mange som muligt til begge shows.

Change in support band for the show at Klauzdal in Herlev

Forcentury will be replacing Illnath as the support act for our show at Klauzdal in Herlev (DK) on April 29th. Our decision is based purely on the fact that Illnath has already played a show at the same venue in March this year (less than one and a half months prior to our show). We therefore no longer feel that Illnath are a suitable support act due to the short space of time between the two shows. Any rumours that there should be any other reason behind the decision are unfounded. We apologize to any Illnath fans who had been planning to attend the show.