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Hawaii East / Blog


I REMEMBER WHEN I realized what I wanted to do in life. I was on my way back home to Oahu from the Big Island. When I got off the plane, I ran into my Idol Jake Shimabukuro, from Hawaii (Worlds greatest Ukulele player). I was in complete shock. I remember him saying, "I want you to practice 3 chords and master them in every way possible, any way possible." I was ten at the time. Ever since that moment, making music has continued to be my goal.

WRITING HAS ALWAYS BEEN a constant escape for me. A lot of crazy things have happened in my life, and without the ability to write my feelings down and communicate them with a melody; they essentially would have just set inside of me, for all I know.

I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL with the class of 2010, and then decided not to go to college, FOR RIGHT NOW. Im in a few casual music projects here and there, but I have a problem finding other people who want to make music their life, and not just a hobby. I drift here and there at times with music, because I get in a battle with my mind if this is what I really want to do or not.

WHEN WE MOVED to Georgia, I stopped playing the Ukulele. REASON: no one plays it here hardly, so I not around it as much. So I picked up the Acoustic Guitar in the year of 2009 and messed around with it a little. I started listening to Jason Mraz, City And Colour, Nevershoutnever, The Maine, and Justin Nazuka a lot more. They all motivated me to pursue what I love and what Im really passionate in.

SOMETIMES an entire song and melody will pop into my head at work, or some place unexpected. I'll pull out my Itouch and sing write down the lyrics, thoughts, idea, etc. so I won't forget it. It's such a privilege and much fun for me to write songs, and then have them actually be accepted by people. If I have one thing to say--I just want people to know they are not alone.

I'VE MADE ALOT OF MISTAKES, and have experienced a lot of hurt. But the one thing I feel like you can do with pain, is make it your art. If you can turn it into something you can sing along to, the healing will come through that. To imagine one of my songs could change or help someone, or make them feel like someone understands them, makes this all just that much more amazing. It's not about me being a role model, and never will be. I'm part of the crowd. I just want to speak for the whole. We're in this together.