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Antonio Jackson / Blog

Antonio Jackson Music Available Now On iTunes

Immediate Press Release November 19th, 2014 #1 Artist of reverbnation.com Antonio Jackson released his first debute single "The Realest" on 10/25/14 produced by Crunchy White. Only 5 days later 10/30/14 his second debute "Turn Up" was released to the public with no hesitation. This unsigned artist has been making waves in the industry recording with TPain, Chris Brown, Rhianna, Becky G. Miley Cyrus, and Ne-Yo to name a few. Both singles, The Realest & Turn up is available on iTunes. You can also find them on Beats Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Rhapsody, Google Play, eMusic, Shazam Rdio & Nokia Myxer etc. Download these sizzling hits at our home site www.antoniojacksonmusic.wix.com/antoniojay or download direct "The Realest" iTunes smarturl.it/tfbq7n; "Turn Up" iTunes smarturl.it/d1jp6x Antonio Jackson has performed with Mims, Youg Buck, Black Eye Peas, & Pit Bull. This Artist is one diamond in the rough just waiting to be discovered among the the bold and the beautiful.

Antonio Jackson New Single on Amazon

I am proud to announce that Antonio Jackson music is available on pauseandplay.com & the letter "o"is one of the most used letters in the alphabet. With over 20 songs for download Antonio has released his first song using autotune. Due to financial and technical difficulty we are in a bit of a situation when it comes to recording in the studio....the studio we had is gone.... non existent. Thank Jobs for iPhone, because that is what was used to record Antonio's newest single "The Realest." The single is a non written work that screams review from the buyer, because of its hit potential. "The Realest" was created in the basement of Antonio's on the south side of Omaha. It was a spontaneous recording that features Gun J. local rapper outta Miami posted in Omaha. A week after featuring on TPain's "Motivated" Antonio is now listed in Amazon.com music store. "The Realest" single will also be showing up in other retailers like eMusic, Google Play, iHeartRadio, & iTunes to name a few. After your purchase you can leave a review to share what you think. If your review is good we will give you a #Shout on Twitter to over 80k followers. Bonus; buy "The Realest" T-shirt at our store "Bag of Chips" & get "The Realest" single free! http://www.dizzyjam.com/products/54704/ Buy "The Realest" by Antonio Jackson at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OTNUUEK/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00OTNUUEK&linkCode=as2&tag=10e634-20&linkId=DHVX2YCRHWFMR6DS

Antonio Jackson, Afrika Bam & Becky G Remake.

We decided to part ways with Afrika Bam and his team do to unclear differences. After about a month of discussion we just didnt seem all to convince things would pan out as planned. Either way I am back to introduce the newest remake with Becky G ft. myself. I heard this sonG and I just had to remake it. Go check it out and download it to ad it to your playlist in your phone. I recorded this in like an hour. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening Check out "Play It Again (Remake) Becky G ft; Antonio Jay" http://www.reverbnation.com/antoniojay/song/19220566-play-again-remake-becky-g-ft-antonio

Antonio Jackson Emailed By Afrika Bambaataa

Hard work pays off! Yesterday was the beginning of a new level in my journey. I normally don't check my emails because I assume their is nothing really that important in there for me to check it everyday. Right? Since I was on myspace with 7,000 followers in 2006 I have been getting some offers here and there. Some were legit and landed me shows and opportunities. Others for what ever reason just didn't fall thru. Not to mention the many manipulators and exploiters out here who can't really do anything for me but offer me a spot on there mixtape or, a local show where they will make money off me and other artist presence. I tend to over look these things in my email sometimes. I have learned I should check my email more often because, not only did I miss some important emails I had an email sent to me by the Godfather of Hip Hop himself.... Afrika Bambaataa. If you listen to Hip Hop and don't know who he is you should do some research. This is one of the biggest legends in the game. Here is a copy and past of the actual email. (As I am waiting for my page to load I see there is another response email form Godfather Bam waiting to be opened) Afrika Bambaataa Jun 15 to me "Brother Antonio Jackson I had the honor of reviewing your material on your website as well as other links in respect to your music! Long story short reach out to this Brother (Medina) and ask him to give you a quote on five markets in radio. I assure you of this matter once you are reaching the masses on radio the rest as they say is history. If he needs to verify just tell him to call me. Peace.Love.Unity. That brother info as follow

Godfather Bam..." Now of course I had to remove all their contact info but, I was amazed and at the same time puzzled. Could this be the real Afrika Bambaataa...The "Planet Rock" Bambaataa? I had alotta of mixed emotions at this time. I decided to call Quest Fax about his offer and come back to this because I had no question about who Quest Fax is. He schooled me on somethings in the game and how local artist need to stop thinking local. We talked about an hour about registrations with ascap (who I am apart of) and the importance of being prepared in the industry. It is more grime then we think and he was telling me how to look out for snakes. I get back to Afrika Bambaataas email and decide to call Medina who Bam referred me to. I asked Sam and Jiynx what they thought and if they can help me do some research on them before I call. Sam said "Could Medina be Beaney Medina? Hmmm. I finally call and get know answer. "Damn" I thought..."Here we go again." I emailed Afrika Bambaataa about this and he emails back an apology with the updated number saying "Keep me up dated brother." I call and get no answer. I decided to send a text and low and behold I got the first response."Who gave you my number and who are you?" Now if you know a lil about industry "cats" you should know that they do not like to be contacted unexpectedly so you better have a damn good reason to have there number other wise you are just wasting there's and your time. I told him "Afrika Bambaataa hit me up in a email awhile back. Told me I should call u for the quote. My name is Antonio. Medina's Reply " Ok call me so I can hear what's the deal!" We talked for almost an 2 hours. He schooled me way more then Quest Fax on the industry ties and what to expect. How to present yourself in the industry to Record labels. By the end of the conversation my mind is so blown I don't even know what to think of Hip Hop anymore. I was to send him the email that Godfather Bam sent me for verification that I was sent by Bam and some tracks so he could here them. I now have another reply that I must go read. I will keep you updated on this matter and others as we always try to.Until next time always believe in your dreams. We are doing big things and will continue to do so. Thanx to all the supporters fans, fam, and real friends for the support. AntonioJay

New look for Antonio Jackson Website?

After the success of our first website we felt it was time for a change. I was up all nite creating merchandise for store while thinking about a new explosive but simple look for the new AntonioJacksonMusic website. While the website is currently under construction, we will publish the website page by page. This way you don't have to wait months to see the entire website and you can watch it grow like an add on. We appreciate you as a fan and we want to give back by giving you the best experience in life we can. We are even working on have the online store attached to the website. The best part is there will be free music downloads and more! Stay tuned for this and more from yours truly.

Invited To Perform With Eway Ent!

Eway Music

6 days ago

August 26, 2013

Dear Artist/Musician:

It is my pleasure to extend to you an invitation to perform at the inaugural Cultural Arts Exchange to take place October 18th through October 20th 2013.

The Cultural Arts Exchange is an international event that will promote a universal culture of peace through the arts and humanities. In partnership with numerous global organizations, Eway Entertainment & Foundation will sponsor the entertainment platform that will showcase talent from various genres and cultures. The Cultural Arts Exchange is a charity event. All performers, artists, and organizations will donate their time, skills, and gifts to benefit several humanitarian causes that preserve and promote human rights, equality, heritage, innovation, and the arts and humanities. Through music, film, poetry, workshops, health clinics, and performances, Cultural Arts Exchange participants will come together to show the world we can unify through sharing our talents and time. Live performances are scheduled for several locations, including Accra, Ghana, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Los Angeles, California. Can’t make it to one of those locations? No worries! Where possible, venues will broadcast the event live and transmit shows globally. Upon confirming your participation in the Cultural Arts Exchange, participants will receive a digital packet (containing performance options, times/schedules, set lists forms, rider requests). Additional details about the Cultural Arts Exchange will follow. You must confirm your participation by September 20, 2013. Organizers of the event have been busy planning. To secure your spot in the Cultural Arts Exchange, and to have a representative start assisting your band, please send an email with the subject "Acceptance" to talent@ewayentertainment.com, CC: dbunton@hotmail.com. Thanks for your consideration in being a part of a wonderful global event! Sincerely,

Darren Bunton Executive Director

DJ Felli Fell's Reason To Hate (Remake) Lyrics by Antonio Jackson

Intro: Yeah It's ya boi AntonioJay & Ne-Yo/ Hook: I don't know about you/I'm doin what I do/and the way I'm living is great/only thing that I can do every day continue giving haters reason to hate/So I'm a live it up/& give them haters a reason I'm a turn it up/& give them haters a reason I'm a spend it up/& give them haters a reason cause you know I love/to give them haters a reason/Give em a reason to hate. VS1: If you cant see me put your shades on/still shining/Getting played like a hit song/I'm the god/your getting made like creation/fall apart after you feel my vibration/Hate me now because they love how I'm doing this/Swagger so on when I'm on the throne/they been waiting on me like the prodigal son/So I'm coming back like a god when I come/I am Heru when I guard the Sun/ I been here before/I know who I am/ The life that I live is a practice exam/I live for music/My life is a jam/ Hook: I don't know about you/I'm doin what I do/and the way I'm living is great/only thing that I can do every day continue giving haters reason to hate/So I'm a live it up/& give them haters a reason I'm a turn it up/& give them haters a reason I'm a spend it up/& give them haters a reason cause you know I love/to give them haters a reason/Give em a reason to hate. Vs2: Drink it down like a shot turn it up/We can have a good time roll it up/This Antonio Jackson turn it up/Tell ya man he ain't a man if he ain't there for ya/I tell my momma if you here me you should turn it up/Even though I'm broke as hell you should turn it up/Even though I ain't famous you should turn it up/Yeah I'm so damn hot that I'm burning up/This ain't even how it start I'm just warming up/Yeah this the remake turn it up/ I'm a tell ya how to do with bout a million bucks/Invest in the youth and get back the trust/ Revamp:Yeah It's ya boi AntonioJay & Ne-Yo/ Hook: Giving haters reason to hate/So I'm a live it up/& give them haters a reason I'm a turn it up/& give them haters a reason I'm a spend it up/& give them haters a reason cause you know I love/to give them haters a reason/Give em a reason to hate. V3:Yeah I sound just like good luck/Ne-Yo you should've had me on the first cut/Them other rappers like whores/They suck/All they talk about is cars & whats in they cup/They like dogs with no bite/Ruff, ruff/And yo girl like it nice mine like it rough/I switch whips like change when I ride the bus/Shouts out to real niggas looking out for us/ Bridge: Don't stop/We goin to the top/Always keep them haters fed up/Don't stop/Don't never let up/Stack that paper get ya bread up/ Hook: I don't know about you/I'm doin what I do/and the way I'm living is great/only thing that I can do every day continue giving haters reason to hate/So I'm a live it up/& give them haters a reason I'm a turn it up/& give them haters a reason I'm a spend it up/& give them haters a reason cause you know I love/to give them haters a reason/Give em a reason to hate.

To the fans, Artist, Musicians, & whom it may concern.

This be the realest shit I ever wrote. Artist I hope you feel where I'm coming from. First off I wanna thank everybody who's been listening and riding from the beginning. I started my practice at the age 2 influenced by Micheal Jackson. My name is Antonio Jackson. if you count the letters in our name we both have 14 letter all together in our name. Both share the last name Jackson. I started writing when I was 13 in my bed room while on punishment cause I had bad grades in school. I had already been singing since 2. By this time I didn't realize how much music would become a part of my life. I just new I loved it and it seemed I couldn't live with out it. Since then it's been a long Journey for me so I imagine the same for others in my position. We all have dreams. We all share life on this planet. I have a dream and I am living my dream out in progression. My dream has always been to reach the world with my music to change the world to good.. Or at least try. When I turned 18 I became a music producer as while still writing my own lyrics. I began to rap and sing. People told me not to do both because it wouldn't be accepted. So I kept going. I then began to educate myself on the game. I started recording with friends first at there studios. Then I got my own and learned to mix, master, network, eventually book shows. Till this day I still do it all by myself. Everything you hear or see put out about my music has been for the most part created with these hands and mind alone. I might work with certain music producers to free up work for me. This way I don't have to make the beats anymore even though I still can. So if you're out there reading this I and would like to help just contact me and we can arrange something to help you be apart of what I have been doing my entire life. For those of you who think this is a gimmick or some side show for me to get attention your sadly mistaken. This is my life. It's like I can't function right without listening to or creating music. It's like a drug to me that sometimes I wanna put down and walk away from but, I can't. Over all music is my life. It seems worth it enough to me that if I never reach the world like I would like with my music, then at least I reached someone. I wish I could say I was perfect but we all no better then that. I hope that if I hurt somebody in the past the would for give me today for I am a man who would not purpose harm on anyone. I'm asking for all the people out there who really believe in the music or are "real" fans to help to spread the music. Share the spread the message. I know your out there listening because it shows in the plays. It shows in the visits to the page. The real AntonioJay fans please stand up! You know who you are.

AntonioJay ft. On DJ Felli Fell's Reason To Hate

If you've heard DJ Felli Fells Resaon To Hate ft Ne-Yo then you must here it ft Antonio. Yes we did it again with another Remake ft. Antonio Jackson aka AntonioJay. Checkout the track and comment on the hit.

Google Antonio Jackson

After the great success we are having this term we've moved to #4 spot on the front page when you google "Antonio Jackson". This is challenging task and some ppl pay out hundreds and even millions to get on the front page. I occupied most of the front page and other pages as "Avatar Zero" which you can also google and still find some of that info on the front page today. So if you don't have links or don't want to bother with them. Just google my friend "Antonio Jackson": Spread the word and share this post. thanx.