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Sunday, April 27 2014

Well, today I managed to finish up another old song I had written back about this time in 2009 I believe. Just like anyone else that has ever had a relationship go sour with so much invested, I too, went through those struggles. It was my guitar and my voice that helped me combine those thoughts and feelings in which I channeled into a nice little melody. A closure, I like to call it, on that chapter of my life. Its funny how heartache, sadness, and pain can help write some of the best songs out there. This is my contribution. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening!


Crowd Review Ripoff

So I recently saw the advertisement for crowd review and thought, "hey this looks like it would be very helpful getting both feedback and criticism for my song." Man was I wrong. So let me give you a run down of what I did get.

First off, the price is $9.99 or something and that is only for 20 reviews. None of these listens go towards your song listens. Second, it takes about 3-5 days to get the results back to you.

Getting the results: When I first saw my score, I felt very disheartened. (5.6/10) Then once I saw the reviews I was like, "What the f**k! This is bulls**t.."

So out of 20 reviews, maybe half said the song wasn't amusing. What does that even mean? Then they went on to say how it wasn't even their style of music. I mean seriously, why are people reviewing a song that's not something they listen to and deciding whether its good or not? I really don't get that one. As I read on, I saw many comments of the song being boring and how it hurt their ears. One even had the audacity to say it sucked because it was for old people.. I mean come on, are these reviewers like 12 or something? Another reviewer, in bad English, said I should avoid using the instruments that are most commonly used. Therefore this made my song boring to them. Why? because I used and acoustic guitar in acoustic guitar music.. wow.. You really nailed it, crowd review...

Finally towards the end of the printout, I managed to get through a few positive reviews, reviews from people who actually liked the genre and had a sense of musical taste. Those were also the reviewers who had feedback and criticism, which is what its supposed to be about. However, those reviews scarce. Reverbnation, If I wanted to get a bunch of "you suck" comments, I could have easily posted my acoustic guitar stuff in the hip hop section.

Anyhow, end of rant here. I lived and learnt but I hope people will see this and not go down the same road I did. I hope it helps other musicians not use the crowd review here as it is simply designed to take money away from struggling musicians that probably don't even have it anyway but though this could get them ahead.

This has been a very disappointing experience I am really contemplating on cancelling my Reverbnation Press Kit I pay $5 a month for.

MikeWhitePresents  (4 months ago)

totally feeling ya on this one bro. we tried it out and it was an utter sham. One particular review had been segmented into 6 sentences then scattered thru the PDF (to look like 6 separate commentators) but they were in fact all parts of the same quote. just separated out. when i complained to RN, they said "this would never happen". considering I earn real salary as an editor and writer, I took much umbrage at the insult to my considerable intelligence. Most entertaingly however, was that I included one particular song which has lready recieved considerable airplay in commercial dance stations across Germany, Holland, UK..and this particular song was described as "vocalist can't sing", "awful old fashioned Trance", "too confusing to understand". This was when I realised the whole Crowd Review is an Emperor's New Clothes sham..it's an ego feeder only and a vast waste of any band's meagre resources. Anyway..sorry to hear you got burnt too!

April 15, 2014

Last night I finished up recording an old song of mine I had written probably over a decade ago. I had an old recording of it with some pretty bad quality but couldnt let go of it. I just really liked the idea I was feeling at that time and was able to capture. Unfortunately, I couldnt capture it in very good quality.

Lately, I have managed to get myself back into this idea creating state of mind and also managed to get this track recorded again in way better quality.

For the recording, I used a shure 57 to mic, an old yamaha fg300 acoustic, and run a fender stratocaster straight into pro tools where I used amplitude as my amp modulation. After I got the track laid down, I went back and put the vocals over top with my studio mic. Then after several hours of editing, trying this reverb and that, I ended up with a product I actually liked. There are still a few places here and there I would have done differently if I were to re-do the whole thing but I have to say, I am rather satisfied with the results.

Here is the link to the jam here on my page: http://www.reverbnation.com/jefferywillis/song/20604537-crazy

Gorgeous day in Virginia

Just wanted to give a big thanks out to all who have taken the time out of their busy days, work, or whatever else consumes all your time and energy and listening to new music. Just a few listens to new artist, making friends/ becoming fans, or even making a comment can help us struggling musicians more than you know. Thanks JW

Spring Break 2012

Spring break is here again and I finally get a chance to write another blog, record another song, and finish/start another chapter in my life. I haven't been so active in the reverbnation world over the past couple of months, or maybe even longer than that. Not as active as I would like to be... No shows, no gigs, no anything. That's depressing, huh? haha.. Well, it is, but It hasn't kept me from playing and writing though, or recording either. These are all essential elements in my life. To me, they're as equally important as food and water.

So I'm starting to put up some previews of all the different ideas I've been messing around with throughout the past year and I hope, if you get a chance to check them out, that you enjoy listening to my creativity. I have also been putting extra emphasis on the quality of my recordings. This is all being done right in my living room. So don't expect some elaborate setup that costs hundreds of dollars per track. I'm just a striving musician and college student.

So go have a listen. Add me as friend on facebook, sign up for my fan base here at Reverbnation, or you can even find me at Soundclick if your interested in checking out some older random recordings.


Autumn Leaves Jazz Cover

Well, the new song I uploaded, Autumn Leaves, http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=10367190 has turned out to be quite a success, atleast over at my main site www.Soundclick.com/JefferyWillis .Although I cant seem to get past #5 out of 1,113 in the charts, which is awesome but still pretty lame. Im starting to think those number one spots are either completely paid off or rigged in some sort of way. Ive heard several songs across many genres on soundclick that could easily be top 10 songs and where are they? exactly! no where to be found. I get tired of spamming people with the same thing over and over just to get some attention to my page and try to move up in chart positions but apparently it works. There is always someone who hasnt heard it yet and appreciates the quality of a good song. Thanks for listening Jeffery

Tonight's Show

Well, I'm not sure if any of you guys made it out to my show tonight in Blacksburg, VA, home of the VT Hokies. If you didnt, then you probably missed out on a pretty descent gig. Along with my originals I usually play "Georgia", "Autumn Leaves", "Kind Hearted Woman", "Creep" radiohead/ J-byrd style, and many other random covers. It was nice for me though. I got to escape the worries and problems of everyday life and its struggles and focus intensely on what is of most importance in my life at the moment, the music. I mean after this weekend school pretty much engulfs my passion and my dreams leaving only lame test scores, lack of self confidence, hardly any self esteem, and absolutely no social life. So if your'e wondering what the hell I'm even talking about, I need my music! And if your curious of what I've been workin on, then head on over to reverbnation http://www.reverbnation.com/jefferywillis or Soundclick http://www.soundclick.com/JefferyWillis and check out some of those awesome songs you missed out on tonight.

Number 1 on local charts!

I came across this looking at my stats yesterday and I was actually excited. I mean I know in this small Virginia college town theres not that many local blues artist to jam with, more less compete with. Still, after weeks of promoting on reverbnation and I dont even know how long on soundclick, things are finally starting to pick up. I'm slowly beginning to realize theres way more work involved in promotion and getting the gigs than actually writing and singing the freaking songs! Anyhow, thanks to everyone who came to the page here at reverbnation http://www.reverbnation.com/jefferywillis or soundclick, http://www.soundclick.com/JefferyWillis facebook, mp3unsigned, myspace,http://www.myspace.com/JefferyWillis or wherever you found a link. Without fans, friends, and listeners, it just wouldnt have been possible. Ima just keep on writing and singing, hopefully get some new stuff up for you guys to listen to, and well, you all just keep on listening.


Growing up through the 80's and 90's was very influential for me as I progressed through my music career. Alot of rock bands such as guns-n-roses, metallica, to soundgarden, pearl jam, alice in chains, nirvana and foo fighters were all influential in a rather personal way. I mean I was young and thought I knew everything and that was it, all I needed to know. As I grew older I realized things were a bit more complicated than they seemed in the grunge rock days. Then influences from the 60's and 70's became of interest as I devoured the doors records, jimmy hendrix, pink floyd, the who, and many others. Still with the many influences from the drug and alcohol induced legends, I started to form my own sound. Finally I have grown into a more mature musician and have been turned on to different style of music including Stevie ray vaughn, bb king, bill withers, marvin gaye, albert johnson, pat methany, and last but not least, joe pass. Who knows whats next?

More Friends, More Fans

Hey all. Im trying to build up within the community and would love to add more friends and fans. Doesnt matter what style of music, race, or religion,. To me, its about the music. So if you feel the same, go on over to my page and become a fan/ add as a friend. Dont be shy! You can find me here at reverbnation, http://www.reverbnation.com/jefferywillis Soundclick, http://www.soundclick.com/JefferyWillis mp3unsigned, http://www.mp3unsigned.com/JefferyWillis Myspace, http://www.myspace.com/JefferyWillis or even follow on twitter. http://twitter.com/willisjefferyl Either way hope you are enjoying your week! Thanks Jeffery