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Kyle Brooks / Blog

Simple Heart

A lot of times when I write a song I tend to spend hours, days, or even months developing ideas for a specific direction. While this technique has helped me write some of my favorite music, it isn't the only way. Last night was the first night of true Texas beauty I've seen in months. With ravaging heat burning everything it touches all summer long, it's hard to enjoy the simple things. Last night was different. Finally cool weather rolled in, and it made the night sky, and all the things I love about Texas come alive. It also stirred a feeling inside of me to do something I hadn't done in awhile. Write a new song from start to finish, in one sitting. So with the cool wind on my back, and the moon lighting the back porch, I sat cross legged and began. It is so amazing to find the simplistic intricacies in words. To feel all the emotion that can be placed in them. So that's what I did. I pumped out a new song called "All Over You" in less than an hour. 2 chords, 2 verses, and it required all of myself. It isn't an intricate ballad, or even a song I'd play live (At least not too often), but it's purpose fulfills the longing I have to write music from my soul. The desire to create something that I can have for myself, even if it means something completely different to you. As a reminder that there is so much beauty in words, and in music.

Yours Through Music, Kyle Brooks

All Over You. (Capo on 2) Words & Lyrics By Kyle Brooks

Verse 1: Are we faking love, or do we mean it this time? Can you take me back to this summer nights? When the grass was wet, & your neck was too. From the soft sweet kisses I put all over you.

Chorus: All over you... All over you...

Verse 2: Do you know my touch, in a darkened room? Will you recall my scent, like i do your perfume? It took all this time, to learn what we should do. And I finally feel I could let you be you

Repeat Chorus

Life & Rhymes of Kyle Brooks

This is my first blog post, ever! I've never been inclined to tell my story outside of my songwriting, but felt it was time to take that next step. I hope that this app & it's attached blog will give each of my fans a direct link to not only the music, but also the man behind it.

Yours through music, Breezy