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MC Holy Ghost / Blog

Ferguson Verdict - We Wait

As we prepare for the much anticipated Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, I am praying that all will remain calm and peaceful. I can't help think however, that the media and government have been building a somewhat "time bomb," almost incensing people to act out. The reports we are hearing of the National Guard out on the streets prepping their stations, next we hear gun sales are up on CNN. I mean come on gun sales are up?! What can that only mean, to me one thing--right of of the movie Purge. The people may go mad, all sanctioned by the media of course with Don Lemon standing in the middle of the tear gas and pepper spray taking in the vapors of such "great" media coverage. We deserve better and so does Mike Brown, his family and the people of Ferguson, Missouri. Stand firm and demand justice! MC Holy Ghost

Critics Review MC Holy Ghost - Live and Direct

"Kinda different kind of intro. The rapping was good. The song was true to the lyrics. They kept just the right amount of old school with just enough of the new style. The beat kept a good tempo. The use of movie soundtrack and other genre music was good. The rappers all sounded good independently as well as a group." Crowd Review

November brings good music!

We at Rapova40 Entertainment have been hard at work! This November we look forward to new relationships with our New York City music industry professionals.

Do you want to sound professional?

As a Producer I have recorded thousands of songs over the years, from rock to rap, and everything in between. What I notice the most are the artists who take time to record their multitracks, but do not take the time to master. What a shame in a professional business where your first impression is likely to be your only. Be professional all you aspiring musicians and singers. Always put your best foot forward! MC Holy Ghost - Producer/Rap Artist

MC Holy Ghost - Live and Direct

MC Holy Ghost has just released his latest single Live and Direct! The jazz track and worldwide shout-outs are taking the music industry in a brand new direction, but keeping to the roots of rap at the same time. "Taking rap back to the days of K-solo, back before rappers were wearing Nikes or Polo..." Make sure to request Live and Direct on your local station and Jango radio!

MC Holy Ghost - 2014 is Coming!

Greetings all MC Holy Ghost fans! Thanks for following along! 2013 is a big year as I just released my latest album They Call Me HG on Rapova40 Entertainment. Stay tuned as we move the future with more politically-spiritual tracks! 2014 is Coming! MCHG