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Patrick Springer / Blog

New Music Page

Hello all....Matthias and I are going to be opening a new music page on Reverbnation and Facebook. It will contain our music collaborations, so stay tuned!

New Remix

Matthias and I just completed a new remix of our song Homeland. Hope you enjoy it as much as you did the last remix......

Joint Venture

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I have teamed up with Matthias Foerster of DAYDREAMZ MUSIC of Homburg, Germany! Our first two songs, "Homeland" and "Tribal Dreamz" have been getting really great feedback, so please keep those emails coming! I hope you stick with us because there will be more to come! Thanks again for your support!!!

My Song Homeland

I originally recorded my song "Homeland", remembering my hometown of Chatham, Illinois, my family, old friends and great memories. It has been remixed by DAYDREAMER, Producer at DAYDREAMZ MUSIC in Homburg, Germany, many thanks to his fantastic work.......

Mailing List

I just want to thank everyone for signing up for my Mailing List, however, I don't really have one. I'm not too awfully savy when it comes to things like that. I do hope that you will return periodically for a listen to my music. Thanks again for all the support.....................


For those of you who have inquired....I am available for small public or private performances. For more information and available dates you may contact me at patrickspringermusic@yahoo.com