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BDJ™The Music Producer / Blog

The Definition (Freestyle/Poem)

"A" is for Alabama Pardon the country gramma Been on the map,but kept it quiet Despite the propaganda and wise cracks It's dirty,a given fact Yet when it comes to Hip-Hop,we takin that Ain't it sweet,homes? Left us postponed like Bama was m.i.a'd Disrespected for so long But at the end of the day it's mad love Change comes with time and y'allain'even get rolled on Metaphors are predators to folk songs Couldn't hum these words See em' clearly or miss the message Resurrected a new path Pay attention,think fast It's a pop quiz and ya'll being tested


Hope everybody is doing great and welcome to my page. I hope you're enjoying my music productions. I'm working on restoring the quality on a few of the tracks as well as extending the snippets,which are displayed. I'll be sure to come through and check out your works as well. I'm full of inspiration and just like to hear what other artists bring to the table. There is a lot of talent which goes unheard or overlooked. We all know this...Keep grinding and continue to do what you love. A diamond doesn't shine until it comes from inside the rough.

Mad love & continuing success,peace...