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January 14ths jam 41 musicians strong!

ST.GEORGE and FRIENDS Second Saturday's Jam January 14th

Posted by russell St.George on January 15, 2012 at 2:28pmView Blog Well if you haven't been yet . The magic that happens can only happen live. We have quite a line up of musicians every month, twenty five to thirty has been the norm for the past year. I want to THANK ALL OF YOU WHO ATTENDED (playing and listening)!!!!

This jam is starting it's eleventh year and the faces change and stay the same with the best from Dutchess, Orange, Putnam and Westchester counties. The line up from last night is as follows: Robert Perrone keyboard and vocals,Karl Dushin guitar and vocal, Pete Reggio drums, Frank Russ bass, Ed Gonzo Gonzalez congas, Red Eye ( Glenn Sacchi drums, Jim Donahue guitar, vocals, Bryan Ainthsworth bass, Harry Lawrence guitar, vocals, Andrew Gregor guitar, vocals, Carlo Peshadi keyboard), Mike Swartz drums, Ammo Without a Gun (Jeremy Torres vocals, guitar, Umberto Napoletano guitar, Anthony Lorino guitar, Andy Panda Mendez bass, Jesse Dunitz drums), Jimmi Lee guitar, vocals, Shane Scarazzini guitar, Jerry Kitzrow guitar, vocal, Tony Ercole guitar, John Ercole bass, Rob Daniels guitar vocals, Audrey Willis vocals, Chuck Adams guitar,vocals, Bill Pascal drums, Jany ??? drums, Bill Smith drums, Jim Brogan bass, Tom Dillon guitar, Jeanne M? bass, Mitch Florian drums, Steve Penzenski bass, Francisco Mena guitar, vocals, Efrain Aceves drums, Chris Raabe guitar,vocals, Pete McKaw bass and the house band St.George and Friends (Tony DeMarco drums, Joe Nott guitar, Mike Lee bass, and me Russ St.George guitar, vocals. Thats a total of 41 local musicians !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a night it was THANKS again to all who were there last night. Again if you haven't been you need to plan on coming next second Saturday of the month February 11th 9:00p.m.

Second Saturday jam with St.George and Friends

Second Saturday jam with St.George and Friends

November 13th's Jam

Thanks to the following for their musical talents, Tony DeMarco drums, Joe Nott lead guitar and vocals, Mike Lee bass, Jim Bellmund keyboard, Bob Costello guitar, Lynn Costello vocals, Rick Aparicio bass, guitar, vocals, Pete Regio drums, Jim Lee guitar and vocals, Mark Morano, Mary Stone vocals, Mark Pisanelli drums, Ed Hall drums and thanks to all who were there hanging with us it was a lot of FUN!!!!!