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Stephen D. parteners with the AARDA

Nashville Recording Artist Stephen D. has teamed up with The AARDA (American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association). In an effort to Support and bring Awareness to Autoimmune Related Diseases, Stephen D. has pledged to Donate 15% of all Music and Merchandise Sales to the AARDA. As an indivdual who understands first hand the affects of such Autoimmune Diseases as Type-1 Diabetes, Thyroid, Chronic Pancreatitus, Psoriasis and Chrones Disease on Family Members and Friends, he's asking that his Fans help him in supporting such a worthy cause. In addition, he will be taking a brief moment at his upcoming shows and sharing some information and ways to donate to the Association from the AARDA. Please take a moment to read the attached file to give you a better understanding of Autoimmune Related Diseases. Also, please visit the Stephen D. Store at his website www.stephendmusiconline.com and purchase his new "Getaway CD", Stephen D. Artist Merchandise and 2011 "Getaway to the Country" Tour merchandise. Also, you can purchase Stephen D. Music and Ringtones at www.reverbnation.com/stephendsinger, and Music at CD Baby, Itunes, Amazon and Rhapsody. Thank You and Happy Holidays, Stephen D. Music, LLC