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Ron Deazy / Blog

New Mixtape

My new mixtape 'The Final Draft pt.2' will be coming out 3/12/12. Free download!!! It will be available on multiple websites. Squad!!!

Hit Me

I'm open to anything. I'm down to collaborate with anybody. And it doesn't even have to be hip hop. I wanna expand in every genre. So if you like my style and you want me to jump on a track, just hit me. I don't care if its country, rock, alternative, pop, etc. I give it my all on every track. Even if it takes 100 takes on one verse. Also, if you got comments, suggestions, questions, don't be afraid to ask me. I know i'm not the best out there. Well not yet. And i know i have a lot of work to do. So any support or hating will help. So the moral of this story is, HIT ME!!!!

Micky the Misfit
Micky the Misfit  (about 1 year ago)

want to collab?