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The Blues Posse / Blog

James Merideth & MrJamie @ Juniors 3/10/12

The show at Juniors w James Merideth went quite well. Packed house for the entire evening! Thanks to all the fine folks at Juniors and the patrons who shared their warm enthusiasm. Hope to hear from our new fans soon!!!

The NO SHOW of Tom Blues Man Hunter didn't hurt at all.

Blues Posse Considering the strange absence of Tom Blues Man Hunter at Juniors last night for our gig it turned out great...packed house all night long and special guest for the evening Pat O'Bryan filled in with some very cool material that made the night a great success. Thanks Pat!


We Played a Happy Hour gig and a regular gig this week at Friends Bar and it was pretty darn good, all things considered...It was 104 degrees for the happy hour gig and only 102 for the evening gig! Talk about Hot Blues!

Hills Cafe Gig 8/12

Turned out to be a cool joint to play(been there since 1947!) despite the 100degree heat was fun and enthusiastic crowd of about 50 folks. Thanks you all!

Freinds Bar every Monday in August 7-10pm

We finally got asked to do every Monday in August from 7-10pm

friends bar happy hour gig

turned out pretty good and we were packed the whole time for our first performance at Happy Hour @ Friends Bar

The Blues Posse @ Latitude 30

MrJamie here with an update of a great turnout and fantastic performances from Dash Morgan, Steve Hill, Steve Ondrechen, Dave Arnold, Walt Stike, Joe Bliskey at Latitude 30 where we packed em in like sardines once again. We had a great time. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed "Nuthin But The Blues" w The Blues Posse. See ya next Tuesday at Friends Bar where we have the late show. Hot Blues and Cold Brews to Youse

Comentary from Jimi Lee from the Jimi Lee Band on our Show at Saxon Pub 7/9/2011

Folks, here is a gentleman with whom I have the greatest respect for. The best harmonica player, outstanding vocalist, singer/songwriter extraordinaire. Teaches, writes music for movies, the list goes on and on. Check him out(facebook)...you won't be sorry that you did. Voted "Best Blues Song Austin, Texas 2009" Voted "Best Blues Act Austin, Texas 2010"

"I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to hear yawl's recording, I bought the vol 4. The show felt good, you got a nice group of folks to come. They were having a good time. I enjoyed the new cards and pen light, it makes it real fun. And the music was good. I’m glad Simon sang, and the bass player was singing along too. I think Simon is a bit more tasty, but the other guitar was getting down. And the drummer and bass player groove well together. I would have turned your vocal up, and the harp too, but good songs, a lot of character in your voice. And the lyrics are interesting and fun.

Y’all seem ready for any gig really!

Keep in touch, JL"

Saxon Pub Matinee Performance update

Thanks to all who managed to come and hang out with us. We had a great time. I do believe we'll be coming back in the near future.

Update for July

Monday July 4th at Friends Bar was a memorable one! Special guests galore and outstanding performances were the norm! Outstanding! Coming up 7/9 We play our first performance at Saxon Pub this Saturday from 3-4:30pm NO COVER matinee performance 715 Darwins 9-10:30pm 7/18 Friends Bar 7-10pm 7/23 Latitude 30 8-11:30pm 7/26 Tuesday, at Friends Bar for a late show from 10:30pm-2am