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Janie Dare / Blog

Black Widow

Just finishing up the mix on this one now, should be uploading it tomorrow evening.

Next up: Black Widow

I'm working on Black Widow right now. It's sounding great and hopefully will be ready to post by this time next week.

Jean Genie - Bitter and Twisted

is now sitting very pretty! Just got one tweak to make on one word of the vocal that's getting a bit lost and then I will upload later on today.

Jean Genie - Sitting Pretty

I'm just finishing up the remix for this one. I decided it isn't quite there yet, so I've given it a bit of an overhaul. It's sounding great now and I'll be posting the remix in the next couple of days. After that I've got another one that's nearly ready and then a few more after that. it's going to be a busy Autumn!

Jean Genie - Bitter and twisted - on it's way

Just finishing up the mixes ... will post it in a couple of days or so....


my mother's favourite colour. she died the other day, slipped out of her dream and into the night, she is cherished with fond memories always. slide peacefully into the deep God bless and God rest

Glastonbury 2013

I'm happy to be able to confirm now that Janie Dare & the Action Men will be playing at the Glastonbury festival 2013. :hugs:

New clear days

This world is missing one Admiral Moon, cherished friend and the youngest commander ever to marshall a fleet, has set sail on his three hundred and thirty three million year mission to radiate among the stars.


Tough Love / No Trouble at All

These two were a bit of a slog, so much happening in my life over the last 12 months that I've been finding it hard to find the time/energy to keep recording. Working 5/9/5 doesn't help, but it keeps a roof on my studio so - HAPPY DAYS!

Anyway, both of these songs are great fun to play live but I'm unconvinced about how they come across fully recorded ... of course fake drums don't help, especially because I'm not a drummer. But hey, if not me then who?

Tough love is about the straightest 'Rock' song I have whereas No trouble at all is kind of a hybrid trad. Irish type lick and rock lick.

Anyway, they are what they are, dig them or ditch them, considering I play everything myself and I've always had to teach myself everything and (sob) I've never had ANY help. Clearly all of the songs could use some professional production, but engineering/producing is a job in itself and I'm still very much in the steep learning curve phase with these.

I think however, overall it's not too bad an effort and I will keep on keeping on - (whilst considering a rename of Captain Relentless).

However, just to break up the mood a bit I've decided the next one I'm going to start on is a 6/8 and by no means a rock slog.

In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to getting out and doing some gigs - I have 2 lined up over the summer. Wow, TWO i here you sarcastically think to yourselves .... yeah well that's 2 more than I did over the winter.

Finally, just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about the death of Steve New, and I'm dedicating Tough Love to his memory. God bless you all. x

No Trouble at all

Again a delayed release for this one, what with settling into a new job (I work as a web application programmer by day - musician by night), buying a flat (the first time ever) and all the snow - I'm British, we're not used to it! Still, I'm already working on the next one: Tough Love and hopefully this won't take quite as long to get done and dusted. If you read this have a listen to the track http://www.reverbnation.com/janiedare, all feedback is greatly appreciated and if you like it I'll send you a CD. Peace x