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Kill The Messengers / Blog

November 19th @ Solid Sound Studios part 2

As far as the rest of the night was concerned, both the headliners made that night our bitch, When Titans Fall put on a hell of a show like always, doesn't matter if there's 1 person there, they give it all on stage. KTM, well, everyone knows who we are and what were about, so I'm not gonna blow smoke up our own ass, but it was awesome. Too bad for the bands that missed the raffle, Magical Sweets gave out 12 delicious KTM cupcakes. Hope you enjoyed those Robert, I know you guys must have torn them up before the end of the night in a smoky haze :)

We would like to thank Abiotic for not only having an impressive show, but for sticking around to the very end...the way it should be. The metal scene will be brought back from the dead, KTM will see to it personally, we just have to weed out all the fake and unappreciative bands that make networking impossible. After all, that's why we play out, to network, find new bands to play with and expand our fan base, not keeping our fans to ourselves, soon this will be a thing of the past, KTM is on the scene to right all the wrongs, one dumbass at a time.

November 19th @ Solid Sound Studios part 1

Where should I begin, ok first off, we were invited to play by When Titans Fall, we were told both our bands would be the headliners...with that said, 5 bands = 2 openers, the headliners, then one in the end. Well as the line up goes we were scheduled 3rd and WTF to follow with Charles at the end. As we arrived we noticed KTM was last, WTF was 4th, and Charles 3rd, with Civility and Abiotic opening the show. Reasoning behind this you ask? KTM is known to bring in a lot of heads, making us the draw, in attempt to get fair fan attendance, the draw goes on last, so they're fans stay for the other bands...well, here's the flaw in that logic.

First 2 bands go up, nice show, rocked, great attendance, about 40 people. Unfortunately the band Charles brought with them an entourage of white trash douche bags that like to hardcore dance (kicking and punching as though having a fight with yourself) obviously moshing is no longer what it used to be, this new style of expressive dance is whats happening at these shows. Well just to inform you...metal has no dance moves, slam dancing is just that, dancing while slamming into each other, where kicking, punching, and hitting women came into play I don't know. Either way the crowd could not enjoy themselves with these morons running rampant, and let's ignore the fact that most of these guys paid quite a few visits to the restroom...together...I can only imagine what they were doing to get so "hyped up"... Enter Charles... We wondered why there was nothing online about these guys, the band seemed like an excuse to have they're friends slam around while they were on stage. All in all they behaved until Charles took the stage, that's when these neanderthals decided people not involved in the punching should get hit, bad move little man, a smack to the face and an ice pack on the wrist later, the stupidity was finally over.

Here's where the death of the local music scene is proved. As WTF takes the stage KTM's drummer is out back setting up his drums, along with Civility, they're following, and Charles, plus they're following. Roughly 20 people out back, leaving... way to support the local scene, leave and take your fans with you before the headliners, which BTW took 4th and 5th place so our fans could watch you guys play, what a waste of time and patience. So the drummer begins loudly asking everyone to go inside, the next band is on...the answer, no were leaving, were done here...really? Leaving in the middle of a show is not only rude but insulting, to think that the months of hard work put in by the bands who brought you all those fans were ignored and our fans had to sit and watch epic fail such as Charles only to be left with a half empty room at our show?

I'll give Civility a pass because they came from such a far distance, but Charles had no excuse, and one day somebody more impatient then we will put a violent stop to this so called pit dancing, what a sorry excuse for a hick to hit people....Charles will play last at Solid Sound from now on.

Venues and what were doing to get them straight!

Hey guys, this goes out to mostly the bands. Venues are getting harder to deal with lately at least finding the good ones are impossible. Were going to be creating our own venues, run them the way they should be run, and give back to the Metal community with a place worth jamming! No more unpaid gigs, last minute roster changes, stage space and gear sacrifice...what your promised is what you get...the way it should be.

Were going to be looking for bands that can of course bring in heads, younger crowd and 21+. For the bigger shows no liquor license will be available and anyone can come. Bands with a younger crowd welcomed 20+ heads will be needed per band. As for the 21+, 15 heads minimum but you will be guaranteed a dollar amount as a band no matter what. This is where the venue can make some money off the liquor sales and leave the door for us...the bands.

Were going to try and make it so that playing a show is enjoyable again. Plus we'll take care of the flyers for ya, just be sure to give it to your street teams so we can all reap the benefits. All in all in the next few months if you think you have a good head count and can bring em in...let us know, we'll check one of your shows and see if we can get you a gig worth playing! Here's to getting the Metal scene back with a vengence!

If you interested e-mail us at wekillthemessenger@yahoo.com