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Full Length is finally available digitally!

Fully remastered, listen to it at butyricfermentation.bandcamp.com

Merch will be available soon!

Brutalitarian Update!

We have just completed mixing and mastering for our 5 song EP which will be available soon! Also on the horizon is an appearance on the Gutteral Apocalypse Vol. 1 edition to be included in the Sevared Records catalog. Recording will begin on the 2nd half of the full length soon. We now have tickets to It Lies Within/As They Sleep/NightShade @ Studio Seven available in our ticket link. More merch is to be added down the line as well! Keep your ears open and bleeding!! \m/\m/

Progress is being made!

as of 3/22/11, Bass tracks have been written for first half of songs which are 90% completed, 2nd half of songs continue to be worked on with remaining parts being practiced fully to state of perfectional overdubbage, a long stretch but the time consumation will be worth it in the long run! Brutal Gore Hails and endless support! \m/ \m/