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Warbeast on Liquid Metal's Devil's Dozen!

Thanks to everyone for helping WARBEAST make The Devil's Dozen on Liquid Metal again! That is 7 out of 8 weeks that Warbeast has been in the top 12 most requested new metal songs of the week. Keep requesting us at the link below... http://www.xm411.ca/guide.php?q=Warbeast&mode=artist&sort=Channel&actp=n+0prKAebczfG13CmB%2FL170xxzjSK8k%2F19igSi%2F1c3uQLTXTYANJMky0qJd+9I2kHFj1klIhxUd9+rgJIrPQd6TAf0kMvG+lis2p3VT6yHR6dBQ0BBSnHBFqY39bumJP3HzOOvXCARp9Sgjmz5pDIx2p2gkFo4RjCJeHK8yAoWDVJLjx8eg1u9TqMa4lCdwmrdwixGHRGP0loIppsx3Ab1WK0TfHU6kV9v5wRggVskuK7UXRJUuMnzsXRXaHlqAi