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Stärke / Blog

Wanna hear the new single??/

Wanna hear the new single from my band Stärke before the new album comes out? E-mail me at starkemusic@yahoo.com or drop me a message here and I will send it to you as soon as its done.

The Making of Starke 3.0 - Day 9, 10, 11 and 12

The Making of Starke 3.0 - Day 9, 10, 11 and 12 - I have all the guitars finished except for one song. All I have to do is record the high octave tracks and add little flavors to the songs. Once that is finished I am moving on to synth, fx and other noises and keys. The album is turning out great. I am not putting a lot of thought into this album, I want to record raw emotion and capture the in the moment aspect of how I am feeling about life and the music. I must say that I must be happy because the music is tough but upbeat. I can't wait to have everyone listen to the tunes. Video blog coming this week. Thanks, Johnny Locke from Starke

The Making of Starke 3.0 - Day 6, 7 and 8

The Making of Starke 3.0 - Day 6, 7, and 8 - I took a couple of days of to refresh myself. I have been going non-stop 8-10 hours a day since September 1st and needed to refresh the batteries. I recorded all the main low parts of all ten songs on guitar. I have to record the high octave parts and all the little licks and noises. Once that is finished I will start adding any synth noises, sound fx and all that jazz. The album is sounding thick and huge. I can not wait to share it with all of you.

The Making of Starke 3.0 - Day 5

The Making of Starke 3.0 - Day 5 - I started recording the guitars today. I use my Agile 2000 and my Line 6 UX1 pod for recording. I do two tracks to the right of a heavy compressed guitar and two tracks to the left of a different heavy compressed guitar as the base. Then I record two tracks in the middle of a more tube mid tone. I do that for all of the low parts. I finished recording five of the ten songs of all the low parts. I am not trying to be perfect on this album so everything is one take. I want to capture the emotion of the recording and the music ala Bob Dylan. I shall work on the other 5 tracks tomorrow than off to the higher octave parts and any other licks, leads and anything else guitar related.

The Making of Starke 3.0 - Day 4

The Making of Starke 3.0: Day 4 - I have all the drums and bass finished and done. The tones of the bass and drums sound awesome. This album is shaping up pretty nicely. Luckily from the previous two albums I have a great feel for Sonor Producer and know how to navigate it well. The real work and fun starts with the guitars.

The Making of Starke 3.0 - Day 3

The Making of Starke 3.0 - Day 3 I finished all the drums for the new album. It went much smoother than I thought. I am exactly 1 week ahead of schedule. Tomorrow I will start the bass and should hopefully have it finished by his time tomorrow. I am loving life right now. One instrument down, many more to go.

The Making of Starke 3.0 - Day 2

The Making of Starke 3.0: Day 2 - I started working on the drums for the new album. I was able to get five songs done. Only five more to go. I am loving the sound of the kick and snare. Its got a nice thump and snap to it. I gave myself a schedule of doing drums for one song every day. Needless to say that I am ahead of schedule. I forgot how much I love the writing and recording process. That is all for today.

The Making of Stärke 3.0 - Day 1

The Making of Stärke 3.0: Day 1- I listened to the 7 songs I had recorded scratch tracks of previously. I have not listened to some of these songs since I recorded them in early 2013. It was great because I got to listen to them from a fresh perspective. I have to say that the tunes sound great and I have ideas popping in my head for the whole song already. I also have finished writing 3 more songs the past three days which brings a grand total to 10. I have written all the songs for the new album. This album is going to be harder hitting and more riffier than previous albums. Very simple and straight forward. Tomorrow I will start the process of finishing and recording drums. The goal is to have all of them done in 10 days. I am beyond excited and feel extremely awaken for the first time in a long time. Hallelujah Johnny Locke and Stärke is back!!!!

Only two days away

The big show opening for Blue October is just two days away. I can not believe it is almost here. We are very excited and cant wait to meet all of our fans and friends in Milwaukee. It is going to be a great show. We go on at 6 pm sharp. I hope to see all of you there!!!!! Thanks, Johnny Locke from Starke

Big News Day!!!!

Ok Bay Area Fans, Friends and Family, Here it is, The BIG NEWS. Stärke will be playing the Horns Up For MetalFest in Oakland, CA. This is going to be a HUGE event and HUGE opportunity for the band. We are honored and happy to be asked to play this event. The festival will be Saturday, February 22nd, 2014. More info will be released in the up and coming weeks. \m/ Horns Up For Metalfest \m/