As I learn more and more about consciousness, music, love and reality, I am drawn to the study of Sacred Geometry. Our physical world is experienced in 3 dimensions. In this 3rd dimension, geometry holds the key that unlocks many hidden doorways. Music is perhaps one of the most relevant models of our universe. Just as we look out into space and see a black canvas speckled with light and energy, the chords of our music are infinitely divided and arranged uniquely. I am currently attempting to use the information encoded in Sacred Geometry to build/arrange music. Using the Golden Ratio of Pi and Phi to construct rhythms and melodies.

Spare Me Felix
Spare Me Felix  (over 1 year ago)

That's awesome. Also, very interested in the relationships between music & the underlying properties of our universe. String theory proposes all that everything is vibrating strings of energy. We live in the chorus of these fluctuations. Fascinating. Need to learn more about sacred geometry.