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Hey, we're ready to give some MetaL!! We have started from Moscow, this October, 18th and 19th you can see us at XO Club and Plan И Club! It's only the beginning! We're awaitin' for thy invitations!!!

The First LP "Genius and Rose"

!!The First Album "Genius and Rose" is recording now!! It will include: 1. '''The Rose and Genius''' (instrumental) (D.Shamonov) 2. '''Edge of the Circle''' (D.Shamonov) 3. '''Deserter''' (A.Timofeyev - D.Shamonov) 4. '''The Ocean''' (D. Shamonov) 5. '''Wheels''' (A. Timofeyev, D. Shamonov) 6. '''One Night''' (D.Shamonov) 7. '''Slaves of the Honor''' (A.Timofeyev - A.Timofeyev, D.Shamonov) 8. '''Sound of the Grief''' (D.Shamonov) 9. '''The Two Towers''' (D.Shamonov, N.Markin - D.Shamonov) 10. '''The Priest''' (D.Shamonov, N.Markin - D.Shamonov) 11. '''Farewell Forever''' (D.Shamonov) 12. '''The Genius and Rose''' (D.Shamonov, A.Mishanina - D.Shamonov) + bonus track: "Let Thy Power Be" (PowerStorm and others) + bonus track: '''In Raggi Del Sole''' (D.Shamonov, A.Mishanina - D.Shamonov) Cover Art (by Alena Boronina) is available at official myspace page.