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Lucid Dreams / Blog

Turning it up a notch

Wow... This fall and winter has been interesting! First of all, we welcome a new member into the band: Mr Thorleif Østmoe on keyboards. This man will surely give our music a new dimension. He's already played two gigs with us, hand he's doing a great job! We also gracefully thank Mr. Ronny Nyhus for wanting to help our band further by becoming our manager. This is great news for us. This means we can concentrate more on the music. He will kick our asses when the progression is low, and he'll do all of our booking arrangements.

This fall and winter has also showed us that there is an audience for our music, and we're kicking ass live!

For the coming months we're gonna concentrate on finishing different tunes we've been working on. We sincerely hope you'll continue to follow us during 2012 - there's a lot to come from us!

Fall is coming

The fall is coming, and the band is eagerly looking forward to the gig together with four other bands in the Norwegian Rock Alliance on the 14th of September. In addition to this, we have at least 6 new songs to record! Yeah... :-)

We made it through our first gig...

...now it's back to work :-) Writing new music, that is. Our gig yesterday went above our expectations, and we got a lot of good feedback from the crowd after the show. It shows us that all our work and the belief and love for the music we create is on the right direction. The feedback we got also told us that we should experiment more on how to record the vocals right. The studio recordings obviously doesn't capture the vocals right. Let's see what we can come up with.

We're going into the summer holidays now, and we hope to write a song or three during the summer so we can start working on them in August. With three new songs, it will give us a total of five new songs to work on through the fall - and we've got a gig in September too. Yep - Lucid Dreams are in the dawn of a new era!

Upcoming show with free limited edition cd giveaway

On June 18th we're joining forces with sleaze metal band "Seks" at Doktor Rock in Oslo, Norway. Both bands are giving away a free CD. Seks are giving away their newly released album, and we're giving away a limited edition CD. We're 2 generations of metal warriors joining forces, and it's gonna be a hell of a gig!

If you find yourself in Oslo on the 18th of june, you know where to go. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Recording, writing and preparing

We're still both writing and recording demo tracks for all of you to hear, but the latest big news is that we're ready to play live, starting out in Oslo early this summer. The details of when and where will be announced in a week or two :-)

We've also joined a booking partnership with some other great norwegian bands here at ReverbNation. If you're in a norwegian band and you're looking for gigs, you should seriously check out http://www.rockealliansen.com! Join us and let the forces of rock grow stronger in Norway!

Back to work :-)

Our drummer is back! We've started the recording of a new track and we're rehearsing a setlist of 45 minutes. It's time to feel the spirit of a live crowd, and we're now looking for gigs in Norway and Sweden - festivals and together with other bands. Hopefully this will give us some good live experience and the audience some good heavy metal ringing in their ears. If anyone wants us to perform with them on any gigs, please feel free to contact us!

Rock on!


New track uploaded :-)

Despite the absence of a drummer, we've decided to upload tracks. Our guitarist/riffmaker/producer/engineer Rune Gutuen is responsible for the drum programming on our new track called Paranoia - a 3 minute intense piece of heavy metal. We hope you like it! Leave some comments :-)

Manfredo Lucid Dreams

Almost finished recording our new song

Recorded vocals tonight :-) Now, all that's left is recording drums - and we're still a drummer short. We'll try to figure out a way to record some real drums on this song anyway. Hopefully soon "Paranoia" will be uploaded for you to listen to :-)

Our new website is up and running!

Our new website www.luciddreamsband.com is now up and running :-)

Working on a new homepage.

Our new website will be www.luciddreamsband.com. I'll just have to finish the site first :-)