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Blue Spectral Storm / Blog

Sound Quality

Please do not listen to the music on this website! The sound quality on this website is pretty low since these songs have had to be compressed to arrive here. For optimal quality, please enter Blue Spectral Storm in Youtube or visit the links below. To anyone who has purchased a CD, I apologize for the same thing. I've recently noticed that getting these songs onto blank CDs requires compression as well again resulting in lower sound quality. On the plus side, at least you have collector's items/rare art! Maybe it will be worth something some day...


Follow your will. As long as it is not to hurt anyone or to impede another person's will, follow your will. Your will includes all bodily functions, all thoughts that need acceptance, all feelings that need acceptance, and all of your heart's desires. Clear your self of all denial. Even denial of being in denial. Denial can be rejection of anything in the will or any possibility in the world around you. Clear yourself of all judgements by recognizing what a judgement truly is. Follow your will.

Right Use of Will


Do you have cookies? Or do you have cookies? Or... edoe you have cookies? Or do you have cookies? Or.... do you have cookies? Do you HAve cookies? Do you? Have cookies? Yes?? Maybe? Perhaps? Possibly? Maybe? Yes?


Is there any such thing as zero? I think I'm about to beat depression once more: not right now death. There are these kids here that want their pillows fluffed and doused in soliloquies. Does anyone listen to you talk in your sleep?