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Its not easy being a christian. For one u endure persecution from everyone. Its either your confused or stuck up with a "holier than thou" attitude. And of course everyone can tell u how to b a christian. They hold u accountable for things they themselves do not practice. And they'll b quick to call u out on the whole "your supposed be a christian" shpil. We should know our faith well enough that we r the authority in that conversation. Don't b bullied by the world with ur faith. Just be responsible in how u act that u mite not misrepresent God. Its the obligation, responsibility, and honor for everyone who believe's and trusts in God to share their faith with the weary, confused, and brokenhearted. By doing this we do what we have affectionately come to call Screaming Life. In you doing this, God revives, restores, and renews the individual to go out,do the same, and continue the process forever and ever.