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No Time 4 SLeep

I'm still working on the new mixtape in titled '' No Time 4 Sleep '' stay posted for new music. You can listen to '' The Devil V.S God '' on reverbnation. This is the 1st single off the new mixtape. Listen, Like and enjoy!! Ketchup

Ketchup 2.7 UpDates..

Im working on Ketchup 2.7 now, the 1st 3 songs on the reverbnation list are Ketchup Exclusives. Hope you enjoy. Blpg$

De West

Ketchup 2.3 was my last mixtape

Ketchup 2,1

Check out the New B.L.P.G* sweatshirt. Now available @ www.reverbnation.com/dewest also look for the Blpg anthem (Ringtone now available)