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I've been playing different venues for a while now. Some are dedicated music venues, bars, pubs etc. Some are not, restaurants, pizza joints etc. The differences in the crowds and the turnout seems in my humble opinion to be the advertising or lack of it. The social media platform is huge and effective if used correctly. I recently played a non-music based venue which when I walked for the 1st time had no poster stating I would be playing Saturday night, there was one post to their Facebook page that mentioned me and the live music to be provided. Here's where the curiosity could be used better for both the venue and myself. If a poster had been placed in the window all patrons entering prior would have seen it. If the days leading up to the event there had been at least 2 or 3 postings for my appearance there could have been curiosity. Curiosity about who the hell I was, what kind of music. It's a numbers game. I posted on my website, reverbnation and Facebook at least 15 times. The irony is my pay was not affected one bit by turnout, my goal was exposure and a little cash. So who would the before mentioned items have benefitted? The venue more people means the sell more alcohol or food. Curiosity! Spark some!

Must put action with the knowledge

In ancient times the the Greek culture was very enlightened. Problem was they could tell you how to do it and how it was made, but no one wanted to perform the action or do the work, they just enjoyed the knowledge and therefore they're culture died. Afer a long walk with my girlfriend on Saturday it became clear that I was getting a little too Greek. I was waiting on others to help me make my dreams come true. If you want to make something happen you gotta do it yourself. If know what I wanna do and where I wanna go, I know my stengths and my weaknesses. I know when I look back on a given day and see if I was productive and when I was lazy (damn that feels good sometimes!) New credo: Don't wait, each day do something to move toward the ultimate goal. Baby steps (really fast ones). So today I promise myself to do something proactive. Think and do things that are a little out of my comfort zone. Ask questions as if I already know the answer. Today and everyday spend some time moving toward the goal. Do the things I'm good at and work on the things I'm not. Progress report in our next installment. Thanks Karen

Kdeck  (over 3 years ago)

Well just reading this report inspires me. I have always lived by this....

Anything worth doing is worth doing well~

Stay after it and no thanks is ever necessary, enjoying watching your dreams be realized is enough.

Special Thanks to My Co-writers

Randy Brown of Phoenix Az., Dean Meadows of Nashville TN. God in Heaven and My Guitar. I don't know where the words all come from, I'm Just glad they do. Thank You God. Randy Brown and I have been friends since high school at Marcos de Niza in Tempe, Az. Randy's been writing songs since he was 16 yrs old. He currently has songs used in movies and tv shows. He teachs me the rules. Dean Meadows, I met at a workshop in Nashville. He's a very talented man, just google him, you'll see. Thanks for visiting my site.

Me and Mine

Thanks for checking out my new site. Just to let you know song writing to me is a need. I have to write. For too long I suppressed it. Now it's liberating. I have posted songs that are demoed and song that are just me and the guitar, no studio tricks, no effects on the vocals. From time to time I will revise lyrics, melodies etc. if I think it makes them better. So hopefully you'll have new versions to listen to and enjoy. Please provide me with feedback, believe me nothing you say could be tougher than a Nashville critique. Thanks again for checking them out.

Pegi  (over 3 years ago)

I am extremely excited for all the good things happening in your life right now. May it continue. Love you, Auntie Pegi