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Paul Robert Thomas / About This Artist

Artist Details and Stats:

Hometown: London, UK

Label: ACM Records (New York), Moon Sound Records (Hamburg), LHP Records (UK), Swiss Cottage Recordz

Management: Paul Robert Thomas

Website: www.paullyrics.com

Sounds Like: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Robert Johnson, The Beatles, The Jayhawks

Genre: Blues

Blues charts for London, UK
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Bio of Paul Robert Thomas, Song Lyricist - http://www.paullyrics.com/my-bio/

My name is Paul Robert Thomas (a.k.a. Paul Thomas a.k.a. 'Paul Lyricist') & I am a song lyricist (try saying that after a few beers:)! I was born & grew up in North London with Camden Town, Swiss Cottage, Primrose Hill & Regents Park as my playgrounds and in my teens I would sell hotdogs outside the famous Roundhouse in Chalk Farm where I met many famous personalities including Andy Warhol.
I have some Welsh blood in me too as my mother & grandmother was from Wales.

I work with bands & artists the world over with the aim of releasing the created songs on an album or as downloads.
My latest and most active collaboration is with ex-Londoner Paul Odiase in a collaboration called 'Les Paul's ('The Paul's' as we are both named 'Paul') at http://www.reverbnation.com/lespaulsthepauls and https://www.facebook.com/PaulonPaul and our 2 new albums can be heard at http://www.paullyrics.com/album/holy-land-revisited & http://www.paullyrics.com/album/p-o-p-paul-on-paul.

I believe that the act of creation, in this instance - creating songs, is a gift from God or a higher spirit!
My musical & lyrical roots are drawn from English Folk, American Folk & Blues, Christian/Gospel with influences from English nursery rhymes and church hymns.

I have worked with/for/met many famous people from The Queen to Presidents and I'm really not easily impressed by titles - what matters most is who you are, not what you are or what title you hide behind! I work with people who have manners and are looking to share 50/50 - I detest and have no time for those many in the 'music world' who are looking to make a 'fast buck' on the back of someone else!

I am the current No.1 Blues artist for London & No.2 Nationally & am also the UK's National No.1 Spiritual artist, No.1 for London & No.4 in the world at www.reverbnation.com/paulssongsofbelief.

My main music site is at http://www.paullyrics.com and I am also on My Space at http://www.myspace.com/paullyricist where you can see examples of my song collaborations and work and also see details of my latest official releases.

My Facebook music page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paul-Robert-Thomas-Song-Lyricist/108996442492089 & I am on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/paullyricist.
You can contact me by e-mail at paul@paullyrics.com.

Thank you and wishing you all the best from Paul:)!

www.facebook.com/paulthomasandpaulwalker / ww.reverbnation.com/paulrobertthomas


“2 New Song Writers Release 2 New Great Albums!”

“'Why ex-PC is happy with the Blues'”
Simon Rocker - The Jewish Chronicle

“The late great Robert Johnson's grandson wrote me a letter - check it out on my music site at http://www.paullyrics.com - Cheers:)!”
n/k - Chiswick Times

“People ask me where I'm at? This is where I'm at - www.paullyrics.com:)!”
Paul Robert Thomas - Facebook