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Artist Details and Stats:

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Label: Da Heat Recordz

Management: Shawn Rollerson

Website: Shawn Rollerson

Genre: R&B/Soul

R&B/Soul charts for Oakland, CA
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Roll-x is a producer/writer from Oakland,Ca. He started producing music in his early teens. As he got older his skills as a producer and arranger broadend and soon he was producing other local artist. HipHop, R&B,and Neo-Soul became his focus, and soon he started writing, as well as, producing. He soon felt it was time for people to hear him. "IT'S TIME" is the debute CD from Roll-X. A 15 track CD with banging HIPHOP/R&B tracks "SCREEAM,ALLDAY ALLNITE, and I WANT U", soulful n sexy ballads like "WE B DOIN IT, SIPPY SIPPY, Y CAN'T WE", and the very sexy title track "IT'S TIME". If music is the key to the heart then Roll-x is the Key Maker......


“Producer, Songwriter, Artist. A triple threat in the Industry. Great songs, great voice, great CD.”
Dave Ambross - Musiq Mag

“All I gotta say is "Fire". Please go get this CD cuz this brotha is bringing the heat. Hot beats, Hot vocals, JUST HOT!!!!!!!”
AllBiz SumPlay - Hustle N Flow (2.0)

“One of the HOTTEST up and coming talents from the Bay Area. Hot danceable beats and slow sexy ballads. His CD has it all... Check it out!!!!!!!!”
DJ Rizzo - Beat Press Magazine

“Energetic, Soulful,and FUN. Great voice with style to match...”
Allona (THE MOUTH) Milles - BAYDAY MAG