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Ripynt / About This Artist

Artist Details and Stats:

Hometown: Everett, WA

Management: Jeremiah R.

Website: www.ripynt.com

Sounds Like: Big L, Eminem, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tech N9ne

Genre: Hip Hop

Hip Hop charts for Everett, WA
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Ripynt – as in “to repent” — uses a name equally telling in its concept and unforgettable in its spelling. Repentance is for sinners, but only for those sinners who acknowledge, even regret, the dirt they do. Growing up in Everett, WA, Ripynt experienced that dirt firsthand. An hour north of Seattle and precisely one world away, Everett surrounded him with a concrete hopelessness founded on broken beer bottles (often his father’s) and desperation (often his mother’s). Ripynt, then Cory Tate, found his escape — his hope — when he met hip hop.

Eager to work with like-minded individuals, Ripynt co-founded Myndstate Entertainment in 2003. The result, the 2005 LP The Mynd, proved more stepping stone than endpoint as Ripynt’s drive took him further than his Everett homies were willing to go. Re-focusing in order to pursue his solo career, Ripynt began work on his first proper full-length effort, 2009’s RIP: Re-Inventing Poetics. Gaining notice in the city an hour south of him, Ripynt worked with renowned producers such as BeanOne and MTK to craft a record that transformed personal struggle to expansive triumph. Ripynt matched his homework with hustle, journeying hours each week to network and promote. The success of his first record culminated in a Seattle Weekly cover story, one of the first rap artists to receive such attention.

Fast forward to 2011: Firmly established as one of the Northwest’s most respected artists, having shared stages and booths with veteran artists such as GZA, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Krizz Kaliko, Ripynt’s movement from poverty to prosperity gains momentum daily. His inspiring work ethic will yield, this year alone, three new projects working as precursors to his already-anticipated and aptly-titled sophomore LP, Momentum.

Ripynt’s style — diverse in flow and musicality — is one that will endure, not because it is diverse, but because it is founded on a story that unifies people. We all come from the dirt. We witness it, we do it. Thus his story is ours, and it’s one we won’t regret.


“I try my best to catch everything that deserves attention and words of praise, but always something, somehow, someway manages to pass through the holes of my net. One such thing was Ripynt's 2009 album RIP: Re-Inventing Poetics, a full, direct, and charged work of Everett hiphop. Indeed, the album contains much of the same raw energy, at the level of the beats and raps, that made Framework's 2005 album Hello Worlda local classic. How in the world did I miss RIP? Maybe it was eclipsed by the year it appeared, 2009, the incredible year of Go! Machine and Shabazz Palaces. Whatever the case, I will not let Ripynt's next album pass me in silence.”
Charles Mudede - The Stranger

“In many of the 12 tracks I've heard, Ripynt trains his high-powered microscope on his underdog status, revealing a ragged topography of wounds both superficial and bone-deep. One might think that, given his view of his hometown, those aches and pains would be Everett-centric, but that'd be wrong. Ripynt projects himself across far more interesting terrain.”
Kevin Capp - The Seattle Weekly

“With an uncanny ability to write deeply personal songs in one instant and reply with a grimy, agile delivery the next, Ripynt is proving that the geographical gap between his hometown and the Seattle scene is less of an issue than originally feared.”
Nick Feldman - The Seattle Weekly

“Ripynt is an impressive emcee and it's not hard to hear his natural skill and what got him his name. But beyond the raw energy and flow that he posses he has some demons to get out and he shows no shame in expressing his ups and downs. This kind of honesty is something rap used to be lauded for.”
Will Johnson - TheMusikLounge.blogspot.com

“Meet Ripynt. A dope Seattle spitter who linked up with Strange Music’s Krizz Kaliko... Yes, homie spazzed on every verse here.”
Sermon - SermonsDomain.com

“Another solid emcee outta the North West, Ripynt raps about some real life stuff that we can all relate to. Things like going out but havin’ to work at 7am next morning, cruisin’ in the summer time, relaxin’ and makin’ money.”
Jkrav - ButteryBeats.com

“While his style may not be, Ripynt actually sounds confident, relaxed, and natural on “The Hurt Locker” as every song has him at his best thus far.”
Unknown - ThaNorthwest.com

“In the mood for something dark, abrasive, and a little bit Shifty? Your wish is Ripynt‘s command. On the Washingtonian emcee’s latest single and first Booth feature, Aether‘s pummeling electronic grooves set the mood as the headliner shows off his aggressive flows. Craving more? You’ll find what you seek on Ripynt’s latest mixtape, The Hurt Locker...”
Richard - DJBooth.com

“Ripynt embodies everything that is right about hip hop. He practices his craft not only with precision and skill but with heart and feeling. He is able to deliver rhymes that will shatter the competition but also embraces the opportunity to move the hearts and minds of his listeners. On Second Thought Vol. 1 does in seven tracks what 22-Track mixtapes often fail to do, none of which more important than impress.”
Unknown - Ripynt - On Second Thought Vol 1 (2011)