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Noxious of AZ / About This Artist

Artist Details and Stats:

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Label: BPS™

Website: www.nox602.com

Sounds Like: Tech N9ne, Eminem, The Dirtball, TWISTED INSANE, Immortal Technique

Genre: Rap

Rap charts for Phoenix, AZ
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Sound is a sense subjectively taken in by one, yet commonly shared by many with similar tastes. Music in general is produced much like most of our food in the United States, and it has become diluted through the usage of widespread artificial ingredients and a lack of a healthy means toward preservation due to a faulty system engaged in adding unsustainable preservatives, while simultaneously mixing newer products with recycled material. This unwarranted, unhealthy intake and its corrupt producers are under attack by those who form an underground movement focused on cooking up concoctions with all-natural, organic elements that are used to ensure what is digested are wholly pure in every respect! One of these specialized underground cooks is known as Noxious of AZ.


“Noxious of AZ, was terrifically awesome...individualized and unique at the same time, those two railed off word after word, lyric after lyric, chorus after chorus. Another entity that made me want to bounce. Moving around on stage, with seemingly important purpose, they took over the stage and the audience. Creating a tone of non-frivality they certainly understood their calling. To express themselves with a vocal and beat pairing that unequivocally surpassed the prior two acts. You certainly have started the process of proving me wrong in regards to hip hop. Being local in addition to having a great presence on stage is a big gold star with me.”
Nyx Martin - Artist: Noxious of AZ ~ A Hip Hip Hippity Hop Match For My Rock Dream

“IAA: 'What makes you stand out from other artists?' NOXIOUS OF AZ: 'My mission makes me stand out among other artists as I am in the game for reasons beyond possessions and monetary gain. I stand for my purpose: making music; opening minds. It is purpose that drives one’s will, and without it, one will fall for any enticement.'”
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