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Louie Lee (Producer) / About This Artist

Artist Details and Stats:

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Label: Moola Gang Music

Management: My self though Louie Made Tracks Production

Genre: Hip Hop

Hip Hop charts for Pittsburgh, PA
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Moola Gang is a team of hip hop producers and emcees whose chemistry comes off more like a successful rock band than a typical rap group. With a worth ethic that reflects their blue collar, Pittsburgh upbringing, the quartet has become one of the most watched names coming out of the Steel City after releasing a flood of mixtapes and videos. Doubling that type of drive with raw talent, Moola Gang is sure to soon be known as one of the best hip hop groups in not only Pittsburgh, but the world.

Formed in 2007, Moola Gang was founded by a rapper with a pedigree: Pyrex Press. Sometimes known simply as “Press”, this former street hustler first showed promise as a member of Pittsburgh’s infamous Panama Records. After the label’s demise, Press went on to work with other local artists in hopes of re-capturing the success he had with Panama. Eventually he began recruiting some of the best kept secrets in Western Pennsylvania to carry out his plan.

Luckily, Press did not have to look far; he joined forces with his brother (Louie Lee) and close friends (Killz and YD) to form what they called the “Moola Gang”, as a reference to their “cash cow” inspired theme. While he brought these four minds together, Press will be quick to tell you that each member is vital in the group’s success. All multi-talented (all members produce as well as rap), the men of Moola Gang have individual personalities which exude a certain confidence that is evident in their lyrics, production, and wardrobe.

Utilizing their own in-house production and original style, Moola Gang has gone from being a local sensation to being recognized in international markets. After their single “Countin’ Euro’s” began getting world-wide attention, the group spent a lot of time doing shows overseas. This is where the group collectively realized how powerful they were as a unit.

Now, after garnering over a half a million plays on Imeem.com, developing a YouTube campaign with director Bob Tenille (MTV Video Award Winner), being featured in various publications ( JENESIS Magazine, Ozone Magazine and Allhiphop.com), and performing with the likes of Wale, Ryan Leslie, Styles P, and Freeway, it’s safe to say that Moola Gang is on it’s way to counting a lot more money, fans, and plaques. You watch.


“Will is sluffing heavy. This video has been out since August and I’m just hearing about it. Directed by Jordan Beckham off I’m Heavy Hunny Vol. 1. Previously: Moola Gang Ft. Mac Miller – Beautiful Money (Prod. By YD)”
Damp Flame - The Sermon Domain

“We’ve been giving you Moola Gang clips all week. Fresh off the success of “Im Heavy Hunny Vol. 1″, Moola Gang is back to present group member YD’s new solo mixtape, “NEW LUKE-O”. Hosted by Disturbing The Peace DJ, DJ Schemes, the mixtape consists of all new original tracks. The production is handled by Moola Gang’s in-house production team, aside from a few beats provided by some of Pittsburgh’s top producers. With features from fellow Moola Gang artists along with other up and coming Pittsburgh talent, “NEW LUKE-O” is sure to be the talk of the music scene in 2011.”
Published in Industry news - khalifafans.com

“If there ever was a gang that I would want to affiliate myself with, sign me up with Moola Gang; Pennsylvania’s most promising rap group who’s staking their claim in the music industry. What they’ve done on their most recent project titled, I’m Heavy Hunny Vol. 1, is taken samples from hip-hop and R&B classics and developed them into their own version of modern hits.... Attention to all record labels: If any of you are looking for the next talented rap group to hit stardom, then I would surely put Moola Gang in the bank...click link below to read the entire review!”
Tyson Robinson - Deft Magazine

“Pyrex Press is the swag general of Moola Gang. To borrow Ivory’s description, Moola Gang is known for their tales of “Polo rocking- blunt smoking -hustlers with style”. Not many others can pull that off like Pyrex can. This year he released a solo mixtape Rex Romo which received nearly 1,000 datpiff downloads. Check him out in “Pogo Boyz””
K-Mo - Rep Pittsburgh Hip-Hop.com

“By now you must have heard of the Southwestern PA, money boasting group, Moola Gang. They are known for their tales of “Polo rocking- blunt smoking -hustlers with style” as well as being a self-sufficient movement in their own right. They knocked the crowd off their feet at Pittsburgh Southside’s Smiling Moose on Saturday April 9th, 2011. This was their one and only inner- city show as part of their Girls, Music, and Fashion Tour. With a live band, The YJJ’s, backing them, Moola Gang (comprised of Pyrex Press (@PyrexPress), YD (aka Luke-O @YDMoolaGang), and Kilz (@KrakKilz) rapped a full set of songs from their popular mixtape “Im Heavy Hunny Vol. 1”. It was refreshing to see such energy and articulation over live instrumentation. The whole crowd appreciated the Moola Gang sound and delivery and we all left the show with a little less hearing ability. www.MoolaGang.com”
K-Mo - Rep Pittsburgh Hip Hop.com

“The Moola Gang (Pyrex Pre$$, YD, Kilz, and Louie Lee) is one of those groups that hip hop should be very happy to have as their chemistry and dedication has resulted in quite the nice mixtape, “I’m Heavy Hunny Vol. 1”. Pyrex Pre$$ spits with the authority of a vet and it’s as every bit believable as if Hov himself were speaking, not to take anything away from the other MC’s who also bring heat as this album sets itself apart from the rest by keeping the listener’s attention. A lot of albums just play through with nothing really standing out but these MCs don’t just rap over tracks, they COMPLETE the songs they are making. The verses got quotables, the hooks are memorable, and the production is distinct.....click on the URL address to view the reset of the article.”
By @ClassicMaterial - Review: “I’m Heavy Hunny Vol. 1″

“Moola Gang “Turn Off The Lights” [mp3] Downloaded this Moola Gang mixtape from an unsolicited promo email (are there any other kind?) because the cover art and title just seemed too… random to pass up. Lo and behold, their I’m Heavy Hunny mixtape is a pretty solid crew compilation of unknown PA rap dudes like YD, Petey & Jilsel, keeping all production in-house and tapping the same 70s quiet storm disco rapp vein as Pittsburgh-ian Wiz Khalifa’s Kush And OJ. Trending topic?”
FOOL’S GOLD - Rappin Ass Thursdays #39

“[Video] YD – Same Old Same July 19, 2011 12:11 PM Thomas Agnew Comments Off YD of Southwest PA’s own Moola Gang decided to add a visual to “Same Old Same“. The track finds YD reflecting on his life story over a soulful beat from in-house producer Louie Lee. This song can be found on his latest mixtape entitled New Luke-O, which can be downloaded here. For all things Moola Gang check out www.moolagang.com.”
Thomas Agnew - Jenesis Magazine