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Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs / About This Artist

Artist Details and Stats:

Hometown: Fort Walton Beach, FL

Label: Southeast NoiSE

Management: Erik N. Dudley

Website: www.facebook.com

Sounds Like: Jerry Lee Lewis, Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, The Cramps, Johnny Cash

Genre: Rock

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2013 marked the 10TH YEAR for Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs. Hailing from the Panhandle of Florida, They have released 1 EP and 3 FULL-LENGTH ALBUMS "The Hi Life EP"(2003) "Coyotes" (2006) "Wolves"(2009) and "Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs Chase Pussy" (2012). They have played the entire Southeast from St. Augustine, Florida to Spartanburg, South Carolina all the way to Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas and EVERYWHERE in between. They've played everywhere from coffee houses to large music festivals, moon-shine-only honky-tonks to churches, car-shows and bar-rooms with such acts as David Allan Coe,Reverend Horton Heat, The Supersuckers,Unknown Hinson, The Nekromantix,The Chop Tops, The Sawyer Family, The Independents, The Koffin Kats, The Howlers, The Rocketz, The Goddamned Gallows, Viva Le Vox, Joe Buck, Dexter Romweber Duo, Twothirteen, The F'n A-Holes, Scars & Stripes and many many more. The band has been featured in Ol' Skool Rodz Magazine, AMP Magazine, The Beachcomber, numerous zines and online blogs. They have been featured on WUWF-TV on Nightmare Theatre and on Cox Communications. They have had their music featured on radio stations WAVV 102.1 in Destin FL, and Rock 106 in Columbus, GA and on internet radio including RADIO FREE BAKERSFIELD, OUTLAW RADIO CHICAGO, SCREAMING DEAD RADIO and on compilations from SEXY KILLER RECORDS and the NEW SLANG/HOMEGROWN project produced by WAVE 102.1 and the touring punk rock band compilation EAT THIS TAPE Vol.2. Their material has been released on Headline Noose Records, Peckerhead Records, Born Dead Records, Cocksmoker Chunk Records and Southeast NoiSE Records.


“Mix one part Nick Cave, one part Hank, and one part Misfits to make the crazy cocktail that is Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs. From countrified crooning to a song about hockey-masked movie serial killer Jason Voorhees, each track is an exploration into a different theme. The title track helps set the tone—it’s fun and intentionally a little over the top. ”
Nikki Hedrick - The Beachcomber

“Nik, himself is an old school piano man, psychobilly berzerker, country crooner, and punk rock legend, all wrapped into one slick som' bitch! If that wasn't enough to do it for you, his band of musical bandits are good enough to steal the heart and command the respect of every man, woman and child within earshot. To think that just three men make as much beautiful noise as they do is astounding.”
Bubbs Harris - AMP (American Music Press) Magazine

“Fresh and grimy from touring with The Independents on select dates of their tour, Ft Walton’s Nik Flagstar & His Dirty Mangy Dogs littered the stage with healthy chunks of rock n’ roll raging. I really want to see Flagstar working his piano skills and Independents frontman Evil Presley crooning out duets like the Rat Pack of the sixties with a punk after-market retooling. That would be a hell-swinging crown of a song. ”
Michael L. Smith - www.takecoverandshoot.com

“Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs was my favorite set of the evening, veering wildly from twangy country into angular outbursts, all with tongue firmly planted in cheek.”
Alex V. Cook - 225BatonRouge.com

“Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs draw heavily upon a wide assortment of influences to create a sound that is truly unique with a punk rock edge, but also with the familiarity of down home, classic country and bluegrass.”
Joseph Kemp - EmeraldCoast.com

"If Jerry Lee Lewis, Dally Winston (of S.E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders”) and Ludwig van Beethoven got in a bar fight, Nik Flagstar would be the product of their battle royale. Pushing buttons and punching a sound that smells of the road, rough women and hard-livin’, Nik Flagstar and His Dirty Mangy Dogs (Pecker (bass), Isaac (drums) make no-apologies for their content and make a hell of a rockin’ sound"
Michael L. Smith - Take Cover and Shoot

“...Are you a fan of Rockabilly tinged with church music and punk? Now there's an itch that's hard to scratch. Well, you're in luck because Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs just pulled up and they're breakin' all the rules - in a good way!”
Richard Davis - Ol' Skool Rodz Magazine

“...Flagstar has mastered the art of noisy rock 'n roll, but he's also an exceptional singer in alone-with-guitar mode....”
Chris Manson - The Beachcomber

“...a new twist on Rockabilly and Country, Flagstar strays far from your granny's line dancin' heel clickin' country of ole. With influences that range from Hank Williams, The Dead Kennedys, Little Richard and Fugazi, Nik Flagstar captures the essence of all of these amazing musicians!”
Joshua Conway - Scream Until They Hear Us zine

“Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs-"Coyotes" ....half-studio, half-live, ALL ATTITUDE!”
Chris Manson - The Beachcomber