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Versuchsanordnung / About This Artist

Artist Details and Stats:

Hometown: Cologne, NW, DE

Label: © 2013 Phonector

Management: Christian Barthold

Website: www.facebook.com

Sounds Like: Soft Machine, Mogwai, Frank Zappa, Tortoise, Bohren & der Club of Gore

Genre: Jazz

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Versuchsanordnung create sound impressions full of atmosphere aiming to paint pictures in your head. We also compose film scores and always explore new ways of free improvisation (all in all: 30 Pieces here).

Versuchsanordnung (German for: experimental arrangement) stands for research on tones, molecular geometries of sound, destillates of incidental tonal sounds, be it in the form of compositions or pure improvisation – live and on CD *see blog

• “Versuchsanordnung“ means (in terms of the understanding of experimental science) a methodical arrangement of [variable] conditions for the sake of their observation.

Versuchsandordnung / film scores / film projects:

• Film makers are always welcome to work with us!

• Next to Joerg Steineck’s film “Rememo“ (featuring music by Versuchsanordnung) more films by Joerg Steineck are currently in the planning phase, including a documentary about Versuchsanordnung itself.

• The independent movie “Balkonien“ (by Nadine Heinze and Marc Dietschreit) next to music composed by Xavier Fischer also features two pieces of Versuchsandordnung–the title song of the movie, “Makabimaus“, and “Joe Dallesandro“.
German Version:

• Versuchsanordnung – Das ist Forschung an Tönen, Molekülgeometrien aus Sound, Destillate spontaner Klangereignisse, mal in Form von Kompositionen, mal als reine Improvisationen – live und auf CD (siehe Blog).

• Versuchsanordnung erzeugt stimmungsvolle Klangbilder und malt Bilder in euren Köpfen.

• Versuchanordnung komponiert Musik für Filme.


“VERSUCHSANORDNUNG (GERMANY) Haunting. Cinematic. Evocative. Versuchsanordnung is more of a collective rather than a band. Forming in 2006, the group has evaded categorization with their particular brand of atmospheric improvisations. Their name itself means experimental arrangement in German and they definitely live up to their name. They have a list of goals that read like a mission statement, including ‘to create sound impressions full of atmosphere aiming to paint pictures in your head.’ Goal archieved. Whether it is a film score or a freeform song, this group lives in a land where no soundscape is ever played the same way twice. Well worth hunting down.”
Reign Lee - Indie Mag 3 /2012

"Die Band um den Kölner Grafiker & Musiker Christian Barthold geht nicht den geraden Weg. Hier hört man jazziges, Progressiv-Elemente, Post-Rock-Tristesse und immer wieder ganz unerwartete Sounds, die dann, wie in PONYHOF, zu einem Moll-Surf-Instrumental führen, das sehr an die wunderbaren Atomic Swing erinnert. Gemeinsam mit Jörg Düpjohann (dr.), Markus Blatzheim (bs) und dem Pianisten Christoph Uhlhaas ist ein sehr eigenwilliges Album gelungen, das neben der Musik auch für sein Verpackungsdesign die absolute Höchstwertung bekommt."
Gitarre&Bass / Lothar Trampert - CD-Review / Versuchsanordnung: "Urlaub am Saundstrand"

“.....this is some of the best music on myspace!" (My Dizzle) …......................................…................… " Your music is a numinous experience. Instruments are talkin' here. You're telling stories with your music. Very impressive. Nice job" (Zeon Porter) .........…......................................…...............…...........…" Your music sounds like a Malevich painting. :)" (Cristina Leon). ”
Fans - Pictures in your head

“Thanks to your immense listening, Versuchsanordnung continues to be the #1 Jazz-Project / Germany on REVERBNATION”
Versuchsanordnung - Versuchsanodnung / from Cologne, Germany