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RacecaR (12:51) / About This Artist

Artist Details and Stats:

Hometown: Paris, FR

Label: none

Website: theracecar.bandcamp.com

Sounds Like: MODILL, Soul Square, Sax Machine, The Living Room Soundsystem, Anthropoworks

Genre: Hip Hop

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With both knockout performances and acclaimed featurings on DJ Suspect and Doc TMK's classic LP "Giving Space To The Sun"(released November 2013 on Luhna Records) and Soul Square's "Millesime Series Volume 2" (released February 2014 through Musicast Distribution), RacecaR has started the new year moving. Yet to come in 2014, are more appearances on Sax Machine's upcoming first full-length "Speed of Life", a string of genre-breaking collaborations with world-renowned Paris DJ's, several works with Son Of A Pitch and Taiwan MC (Chinese Man Records), and several other surprises, guaranteed to keep Hip-Hop fans eager and ready for more. Finally to top off the rush of activity, there are also plans to release and promote "Eight Days", a full-length collaboration with Bordeaux producer extraordinaire ICBM, and most importantly, the newly released single "Return of the Dig-Fu", the first of a number of new collaborations with producer-extraordinaire, Grant Phabao and Djouls of Paris DJs, will signal the start of another lap for RacecaR in late 2014.

Born and raised in Chicago, RacecaR has made music his priority since 1998 (although the "addiction of all things Hip-Hop, culturally speaking" was already cemented, a decade earlier). Neither five national tours, (working along side a few Grammy winners, as well as, some of the most pertinent independent artists to date in the U.S. scene), nor years of polishing his craft in the studio, and at hundreds of crowded shows on some the finest stages in America, could prepare RacecaR for the eventual jump to Europe. However, those years would give him invaluable tools, unquestionable knowledge, unending determination, and a spontaneous ingenuity to swiftly adapt to whatever challenges the course ahead would hold.
Having moved to Paris nearly four years prior, with little-to-no contacts, RacecaR now plays nationally as the main emcee for both Sax Machine (Rennes) and Soul Square (Nantes), as well as continuing to produce a number of notab
y, fresh releases with French producers Blanka (Jukebox Champions), Dj Suspect and Doc TMK, S.O.A.P., Alone, Vax Uno, Dirty Zoo, Diazott, Lekar, and Paris DJs.


Booking: Benoit at Allo Floride (www.allofloride.com)

Booking: Seb at La Station Service (www.laststationservice.org)



Mauro at Ma Quality (www.maquality.com)

Mohamed at UncutHipHop (www.uncuthiphop.nl)


“A great featuring on Soul Square by France TV 3!”
Eric Guillaud - France TV 3

“4 out of 5 for Soul Square's Millesime Series Volume 1 feat. RacecaR by Bretagne Actuelle!”
Hervé Devallan - Bretagne Actuelle

"New jazzy HipHop by Clem Beat’z featuring Racecar with his latest single “S.T.N.B.”. I’m diggin this joint 4sho, I’m a big fan of Jazzy HipHop beats and Racecar was spittin some dope lyrical bars too!"
Crazy Al Cayne - Sugar Cayne

“Tremendous Only's lovely review of Blanka's (La Fine Equipe, Jukebox Champions) latest release Kasablanka on Nowadays Records...”
David - Tremendous Only

“SLR magazine with a nice review of Soul Square's Millesime Series Volume 1 featuring RacecaR...”

“Wonderful article in Les Inrockuptibles by Louis-Julien Nicolaou on the return of Jazz, Funk, and Hip-Hop in France.”
Louis-Julien Nicolaou - Les Inrockuptibles

“Cultiz.com interview with Sax Machine!”

" Although we have been asleep, we can open minds now It’s always been clear that we choose not to see If we choose not to be, there’s no one to point at The fault is in your lap, you can move or nap…and then… "
King Siroko - cosmichiphop.com

"...Un vrai soldat du mouvement."
The Breaks - Echosduhiphop.com

"Racecar is one of my favorite rappers on the planet." -Joel Frieders in a section awesomely entitled, JOEL SAYS STOP SLEEPING ON RacecaR
Joel "rocks so hard" Frieders - www.syffal.com

"..and the palindrome rapper flows effortlessly atop the instrumental like a breeze through trees.."
Kamir - The Find Magazine

“The Drift keeps popping up on the net. Thanks IndieHip-Hop.net for giving a little shine.”
FuNkwoRm - Indie Hip-Hop.net

“A great French review of DJ Prof&cy and RacecaR's collaboration and video "Dust" to be included on Prof&cy's upcoming The TrueSchoolHip-Hop Show. Here I get a nice summary en Francais! "...Racecar (12h51) est un parolier vétéran, originaire de Chicago, qui est fidèle à sa culture et aux racines du hip-hop à la fois comme un mode de vie et un moyen d’expression. Celui ci a participé à de nombreuses tournées aux Etats-Unis avec des Mc’s tels que : Slim Kid Tre ( of The Pharcyde), Speech(Arrested Development), Illogic(Weightless), PsalmOne(Rhymesayers)..."”
Hiphop4ever - Paperblog.fr

“ Lord Faz presents Beat Trotterz Mixtape Volume 4 Starring 12​:​51 aka RacecaR by 12:51 & Lord Faz "Why read when you can listen instead?" -12:51”
Lord Faz - http://beattrotterz.bandcamp.com/

“A great interview with RacecaR via ATTN THE MAG and the great staff at The Nobody Cares Show! Very insightful and informative with plenty of multimedia and links!”

“Great review of Modill single, Vacant Rhymes feat. Dave of De La Soul by the Nobody Cares Show. Modill receives the highest rating! A funny show where the hosts rate a single and give honest feedback for the average music consumer. This review begins at 24:58 Definitely worth watching the entire webisode! Thanks and respect to the great folks at Nobody Cares Show!”

"since Mr. RacecaR sent me some info about his music, i’ve dig it quite a bit. it’s pretty much impossible to present his solo material embedded (i recommend you to check it anyways), that’s why i’d like to show you some of his duo-work under the Modill project." REFREAKED .COM
Refreaked.com - Refreaked.com

"Listening to this release is like finding a lost classic you overlooked while listening to the overload of hip-hop in the 1990's." (JC on Modill's Midnight Green)
JC - IMPACT press

“Not necessarily press, but a great mention of Modill's Midnight Green as a suggestion of Hip-Hop to look for between listeners on I-Lounge's forum, plus at the bottom of the page, a HUGE link (Midnight Green Record Reviews, Modill) to some other great sources of media concerning Modill.”
enjoilax - I Lounge.com (forum)

"...a great set of tracks, definitely one of the best hip-hop albums of the year in my opinion." Joe on Modill's Midnight Green as #7 of his top albums of 2006.
Joe - Joe's Blog Spot

“Modill's Midnight Green makes it to spot #43 on a best of 2006 Hip-Hop list.”
rateyourmusic.com - rateyourmusic.com

“Review of Modill's Midnight Green on Ragomagazine.com”
Reload - ragomagazine.com

"Modill's Midnight Green is a soundtrack for the veritable hip-hop connoiseur..."
Alida Hoebee - OzHipHop.com

"Free Album: Langston Bukowski (RacecaR & Apoc)- Down & Out in Chicago and Los Angeles"
Ryan Monk - Whiskey Teeth.com

“A featurette on WHISKEYTEETH.COM about RacecaR's recent collaboration with DEBILORITHMICOS on Devil's Hand featuring SARAH G.of BEATSPOKE!”
Ryan Monk - Whiskey Teeth.com

“Announcement & Free Mix: Get Familiar With RacecaR”
"The" Ryan Monk - Whiskey Teeth.com

"Get Familiar with RacecaR"
Ryan Monk - Philaflava presents: Steady Bloggin

"The one MC that you might not be familiar with is Chicago rapper, Racecar. As you can clearly hear on 'Devils Hand', Racecar's buttery flow is polished and refined; his vocals smooth and serpent-like but with enough bite to sting your senses. If you like what you hear on this record then I would highly recommend checking out his material with K-Kruz as Modill. Their 2006 debut album, Midnight Green, still gets play from me to this very day. All you backpacks-full-of-jazz cats will love what you hear. That's a guarantee." -Testimony from a fan of Debilorithmicos' "Devil's Hand" featuring RacecaR and Sarah G. on Realraptalk.com
Vinylpops - www.realraptalk.com

“Modill review on Find Magazine!”
Danny - The Find Magazine

“NPR review and interview of Modill and Midnight Green!”
Christopher Johnson - NPR

"Meet Modill, Chicago's newest hip-hop sensation, (consisting of emcee Racecar and producer and DJ K-Kruz) January 17, when their full album 'Midnight Green' drops...this year promises to start off with a revelation." Platform8470.com

“Modill's Midnight Green one of "40 Noteworthy Albums of 2006" "Chicago underdogs Modill crafted an unexpected beauty with their full-length debut...."”
plugoneboss - Plug One Mag.com

“A review of Modill's Midnight Green on Imageyenation.com @ 1:32 A.M.! ”
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“Modill's "Change Form" gets some attention in XLR8R's Indieinburns section.”
Tomas - XLR8R

“Midnight Green Review on XLR8R.”
Patrick Sisson - XLR8R

“Unlike most other peons to the almighty bud, rapper Highway 411 and producer Claude 9 keep their songs tongue-in-cheek, spinning hilarious yarns over soulful samples and old-school beats that will keep you bobbing your head and shaking your ass” -Rick Allen The Other Paper (Columbus, OH)”
Rick Allen - The Other Paper

"'Everybody's Green' proclaim The Green Brothers and, y'know, they got me convinced, damn it! This CD is fresh. It's bong hittin', head noddin', lighter flickin' hempy happiness. I caught the buzz minute one. It's not another pot-themed rap-around."/ "Not since Snoop have I caught such a laidback indo buzz, yo."/ "I found The Green Brother's lyrics witty, intelligent, and, importantly, intelligible. '4/20/2020 feat. DJ Sleepyhead,' color commentates the party we're all hopefully invited to when we finally legalize this shit, like it should be. Like it will be, if we all keep catchin' the positive vibes good peeps like The Green Brothers are puttin' out there." -Mamakind
Mamakind - Skunk Magazine

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