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Otis Grove / Press

“Hogwartz had a music program, OTIS GROVE would receive a full scholarship because they are absolute wizards at their craft.  This runk (rock meets funk) trio demonstrated their virtuosity at Church  last night with a fiery zeal.  Having seen Otis Grove twice before, both times in congested bars, it was a pleasure to view them in a more comfortable setting.  This level of comfort must have found its way to the stage, for these gentlemen played flawlessly from start to finish. ”

Allston Pudding Blog

“ Their new album, The Runk (the name is a portmanteau of rock and funk coined by fans to describe their genre), serves up some coffeehouse jazz grooves and pours in the mescaline with some acid-rock freak-outs. Songs like “Monark” and “Rock City” echo the muscle-car space jamming of Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein” and approach the three-chamber-bong heaviness of Soundgarden and the Atomic Bitchwax. The metallic guitar harmonies in “Plywood Snowshoe” are like a sweater-clad cousin of Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper.” The album’s mellower moments offer Otis Grove’s take on more traditional jazz-rock trio fare. Someone has to make sure that an MP3 of “Uncle Runky” finds its way to R. Kelly or the surviving members of TLC. Can you say “remix”?”

Weekly Dig

“Otis Grove adeptly walks a line, drawing from the improvisational wisdom of those who’ve come before, while understanding the changing tastes of contemporary listeners. The Runk is a strong and a compelling chronicle of this talented trio’s balancing act with songs throughout – particularly “Plywood Snowshoe,” and “Waiting,” – proving deliberate, focused, and doled out in increments that today’s fast paced audiences would easily find continually engaging. Sharp interactions between instruments further leave a certain awe-factor that proves rather convincing to fans or newcomers. And though this album is just an early indication of the band’s potential, it fairs well amongst the inspiring works of contemporaries in the progressive jazz world, leaving Otis Grove, a band you’ll definitely be hearing about”


“This is why I do what I do; why I spend endless hours searching for new music on the Internet, at the record shops and in clubs. I’ve seen more great shows than I can ever count (plenty of terrible ones too), but every once in a while I get turned on to something truly exceptional. Otis Grove falls into the latter category and if their new album, The Runk, didn’t prove it on its own, their CD release party at the Lizard Lounge did. ”

George Dow - New England Deli Magazine

“The band’s Ropeadope debut, “Crank It Up,” makes it clear why it attracts a stylistic melting pot of fans. It’s got jams, funkified soul spots, improvisations that would make Medeski, Martin & Wood proud and straight-out danceable rock-out moments. ”

“A monstrous funk groove that probably would have sent Godzilla running had he been in the neighborhood”

Northeast Perfomer