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organicArma / Press

“Under Duality is the debut album from Miami band organicArma. It’s a mix of techno and electronica which sends the listener on a trippy futuristic journey. Although the music is mainly techno, the songs occasionally have dark undertones which give songs like ‘As Above So Below’ and ‘Fantasize’ an eerie vibe. The album is a little weird but it works in the band’s favour as it’s strange but at the same time intriguing. The first song on the album is ‘Love Is Not It All’ and it’s a great start to the tracklist. It’s a great dance song that has a bit more of an upbeat melody than others on the album. ‘Meteor’ is another stand out song on the album, with its heavy bassline and abstract vocals. Every song on Under Duality has the potential to send the listener into a bit of a trance. You zone out of reality yet still manage to take the entire album in. Under Duality is a great album for techno fans...”

“Organicarma is an electronic music collective based in Miami whose live shows blend futuristic electronic devices with kinetic art visuals. Their music is a little more old-fashioned; merging Front 242-style electronic body music with punky vocals and trancey rhythms. With the bizarrely named dhArma111 providing beats and vocals and phAxas123 the rest, the band's debut 'Under Duality' strides powerfully between the above mentioned electronic genres, pulsing with moody cyber-bass, clattering percussion and pounding beats. Under Duality works best when, whichever of the duo provides female vocals, offers that interesting juxtaposition between the soft, but forceful, feminity of the vocal and male brutality of the beats and harsh electronics. A couple of tracks work particularly well in this respect and are ripe for download. ”

“Dualism is the word that could perfectly define organicArma’s vision of art. Blending the material world with the world of ideas, organicArma is developing their own concept of art and life made of contemporary interpretations of ancient spiritual beliefs and man crafted electronic sounds. Through music, lyrics, and visuals, each of their compositions are a provocative manifesto of organicArma’s concept, “Gods created to control, humans created beyond”, it’s just one of the statements included in Under Duality, their recently released album.”

“Love is Not it All is an EP whose four tracks captivated the team at Fabrikalink. The melodies primarily dominated by organicArma are bass, electronica, and techno with a lot of visual aid in their live presentations. Their originality can be seen in the way they interpret and give dance music a new meaning. In the track "Awarned", they fuse dark beats with heavy bass, giving this digital arrangement a Gothic flair. "Discordia" is the following track that shows us organicArma's bilingual side, with never losing their synthetic swagger. "Love is Not it All" takes it up a notch melody wise, this single is a bit more hyped then the prior tracks and is indeed the invitation to their party at any given time.”

“Together organicArma is Phaxas, Dharma, and Abraxas. The former two are responsible for the racket; the latter backs ‘em up with the visually phantastic. Behind them is Sam Camera, who chronicles every nuance of their rising, and Aurax, who serves as a sorta Overseer for them and the entire Awarehouse. As an outfit, oA is riding the wave that roars over the digital divide, and they’ve shown that machines are nothing without a little humanity. As operatives, the five have proven that success can come from being both humane and human. Something to think about the next time you’re considering sticking your foot out in front of your next best friend.”

“With Art Basel going down this week, Miami is once again exploding with an array of sound and vision. Amidst all that action, few performances will be more moving than Miami's own electronic duo, organicArma, whose "World Tour" has them staging everywhere from Design Within Reach to Panther Coffee. Niteside gave keyboardist/ vocalist phAxas and drummer/ vocalist dhArma1 11 the ol' quickie Q&A.”

“More than just a name that rolls off your tongue, organicArma is a humbled, South Florida-based electronica band that brings a slew of electric energy to the area. If creative culture were a religion, organicArma would be practicing it, for the three members are about more than just the music; they're about the meaning behind it all.”

“Progressive electronic music act organicArma is a band with a distinct concept. Comprised of two founding band members - drummer and vocalist "dhArma" and samplist, engineer and vocalist "phAxas," organicArma was born from the need to express art as an evolutionary purpose for mankind through the application of philosophy, linguistics, psychology, science, research and analysis. For live performances, the Miami based duo is assisted on stage by a third member called betAmax, who's doing basslines and keys. The name organicArma clearly reflects the band’s philosophy. "Organic” represents the terrain from where mankind is placed, as well as that which cannot be controlled, while "Arma," the music itself - is an expression of the ability to plan, build and create even within the constructs of what is unknown to man.”

“Local live electronic act organicArma are doubtless celebrating a wish come true. Band leader Dharma has long been an outspoken admirer of the New York art-electro-pop outfit Fischerspooner, hinting to me last winter that he wanted to book them to play at his expansive Awarehouse venue. He may not have accomplished that -- yet -- but he's still scored a major coup for organicArma, who also recently signed a major-level distribution deal with Rock Ridge Music. His trio will hit the road with Fischerspooner later this month, opening for them on a series of 15 dates across the midwest, southwest, and west coast. As such, the band will play major venues like the Metro in Chicago, Avalon in Los Angeles, and the Fillmore in San Francisco. OrganicArma is currently touring in support of its EP, Discordia, released this past February. A new one, Awarned, is slated for digital release on June 30.”

"What is distinctive about organicArma, is how they have thoroughly built their temple of learning."

"Underneath all of this heady stuff lies a real groove, a cohesive brand of dance-floor funk with wide-reaching influences. Its various elements appeal to a broad cross section of folks. For the indie-ish set, there's the dark, instrument-propelled influence of electro-ish groups such as Ladytron and Fischerspooner. For the hispanophone rockeros, there's the bilingual wordplay. For aging ravers who still worship theatrical groups such as Rabbit in the Moon, there's the light-and-visual magic. For club kids, there are the dance rhythms that crawl across micro-house, minimal techno, breaks, even industrial, and back."

"But without a doubt, the gem of the evening, in a most surprising way, was the Miami based electronic group, OrganicArma (and I don't even like electronic so imaginate). Made up of Dharma, Lharma, and Phaxas, the three have style that goes beyond music and enters into the world of pure arte. Dharma wore this cybord looking eyepiece. Lharma wore what looked like a Lasertag vest. As the three performed, a screen behind them rolled videos that included what they were saying: philosophical lyrics like Supercede God's Humanity. During a piece called Discordia, a video including cartoon renderings of Bush, Alvaro Uribe, Hugo Chavez, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama was played. Pretty damned amazing."

"After the club world awards, the real fun started. organicArma, a local minimalist techno/psy trio, opened the night at Chakra, an Indian-style lounge. Very trippy stuff, very dark, but very concise and musically pure. And they play live instruments instead of just spinning, and that in itself was just incredible."