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TReyes / Solo Artist / Press

“kenny heroux , Riding the Train of Chaos, great collab T.. very stirring opening music.. The guitar rhythms create the sense of Chaos. Excellent lyrics and vocal work will def listen again.”

kenny heroux / Reverbnation

“JEFF RUSH , we are lovin' DIRTY ROAD with its sweet guitar, superb vocals and a whole lotta FEEL. dig how the vocals kind of overlap and layer on each other. slick production with amazing ambience AWESOME !!”

JEFF RUSH / Reverbnation

“Ashton Haze , Train of Chaos- Super cool tune. Great rocking edge filled with some nice octane. Stay awesome”

Ashton Haze / Reverbnation

“Sammy You and I are alike TReyes. I've also had a love for music since childhood. Mine came from love of 80's dance music. I used to look up to and idolize the band Men Without Hats and think wow. I wish that was me. Now we are those musicians my friend. :) Sorry to hear that you have had issues with health. Your music is like I said before, timeless. I listened to "The Sea Of Glass" and its a great song that really makes you think with incredible depth. I love that about your work. You always have a way of capturing musical descriptive detail to the finest key and that to me TReyes defines a legend my friend!! You and your work will always be number one in my book!!! I find your music sensationally inspiring.”

Sammy / Reverbnation

“Shoe Box of Angels , Beautiful profile and music. Your guitar comes alive when you play. Very mystical and full of grace and joy. You remind me of Led Zepp. I love to write classic rock songs. It would be an honor if you could give my Pink Floyd inspired song You Remind Me Of Love or In Love or my Led Zepp inspired Im In Love With You song. If you are ever up for collabing that would be great. I'm an instant fan. Peace and Blessings to You ~Eric”

Shoe Box of Angels/ Reverbnation

“ElipTic , Was swept away by "Summer Solstice" a beauty of a acoustic melody! Very pleasurable to listen to! peaCe”

ElipTic / Reverbnation

“THE WORKERS , "Alien" is futuristic, evocative, and visionary.”

THE WORKERS / Reverbnation

“Belinda & Co ,ღ hi hiii TReyes, just wanted to swing over n say *thanks* for ur very kewl comment n friendship❤✿ܓ today i have been turning up the volume on ur song ‘Sands Of Time’ really beautiful guitar arrangement with keys liberating the whole experience, the sand really feels like its slipping through my fingers as i walk through my toes, i walk mesmerized with not a care in the world, i am in ur musical zone ♪(^_^)♪ till our next connection *kisses* to ur dreams n the sands of time!! ♥°°¨°*•.¸*•.¸❥Muahhhh ♥ ♥ ♥°°¨°*•.¸*•.¸❥ ♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox ღ ”

Belinda & Co / Reverbnation

“MILE25 , Desert moon..great track! sometimes cool music writes itself..falls into your mind..its Artists like you that brings it to life..thanks 4 sharing "MILE25"”

MILE25 / Reverbnation

“Belinda & Co , ღ hi hiii T Reyes , so happy to find you here on RN and to become a fan/friend ✿ܓ been listening to ‘Desert Moon’ amazing spacey cosmic alien jazz blues, picking up on your signals with appreciation for ur original awesome music ♪(^_^)♪ have a rawkin new week ahead n onwards ❤✿ܓ ╗╔musical ╠╣╗╔╔╗╔╗(¯`❀´¯). ╝╚╚╝║╦╚╗ *•.¸.•*.. ░░░░╚╝╚╝ ♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox ღ”

Belinda & Co / Reverbnation

“Jamie Connolly , Hey there Treyes! :) I just wanna say a massive thanks for Ur Fanship & support on my Reverb profile! I'm also LOVIN Ur music; really cool, hazy retro 60s psychedelic flavoured guitar led Rock; I love the subtelty & originality of Ur songs & guitar instrumentation, espesh "Summer Solstice;" perfect tune to compliment the UK Summer heatwave we're having! :) Peace & best wishes Jamie. C :)”

Jamie Connolly / Reverbnation

“Fuller Brothers Band , Riff'n is Great,.. Heave Guitar sound tuf and yet has a flow to the Roll! Nice blend of Electronic back ground to the Guitar" Good Job on that!" Good flow on style! "Summer Solstice" GREAT NAME FOR THIS ART! left me out in a city park some where in time watching the people running and playing in the park,.. GREAT JOB on this piece of SOUND ART! Great Job on Foley track with "Alien Exodus" Good Riff'n on Guitar too. "Desert Moon" Slow Mellow Yellow blues on this one "Desert Moon" GOOD JOB! Ya this makes the listener want to take a toke of smoke, grab a beer and sit in there fav_ Blues bar till the sun comes up! I'm in to this work of ART! Good Job! Paul:) Form The____Fuller Brothers Band!”

The_Fuller Brothers Band / Reverbnation

“Heleana Maria Sea of Glass is blended like a delicate flower that blooms continuously and brings joy to everyone! Your songs bring so much peace to my heart and also take me on so many adventures in sound! Keep bringing them! They are inspiring”

Heleana Maria / Reverbnation

“Chuck Brunicardi Love the slow tempo that is hypnotic "Desert Moon" stunning guitar leads. All the best...”

Chuck Brunicardi / Reverbnation

“Heleana Maria Sands of Time transport you to another world Sometimes we all need to get away and dream and crossover into another time zone Great work my friend! Very innovative in nature!”

Heleana Maria / Reverbnation

“Luscious Purr Beautiful progressions: sweet blend of distorted and clean guitar, esp. in "Roger's Song." I didn't know him, obviously, but I'm sure he would love this tribute.”

Luscious Purr / Reverbnation

“Paul Mathur Great work here TReyes! Diggin' the progressive sounds and sensibilities of your music! Keep up the great work! Cheers, Paul”

Paul Mathur / Reverbnation

“Oona McOuat Nice honest and heartfelt feeling here and intimate vocals. I love the message of Tracks in Spiral - very inspiring!.”

Oona McOuat / Reverbnation

“MaryAnn I have to tell you. I am sure glad that I beat the crowds over to your page. I really wanted to get the best seat in the house and I did just that. Whew, now I can just sit back and enjoy. Thanks for having me. ...=_=...”

MaryAnn / Reverbnation

“Ecologyngle "Sea of Glass" gentle, clear melodic see through beauty...like glass...this one is precious Tony! :)))”

Ecologyngle / Reverbnation

“Brian Haley The simplicity and rawness of Tracks in Spiral makes it an inspiring tune. All your tunes are inventive and original.... I'm also enjoying The Bitter End - a beautifully crafted tune my friend.”

Brian Haley / Reverbnation

“Sills & Smith Alien Exodus is bloody marvelous on headphones. Wow! Consider me a big fan. Frank Smith”

Sills & Smith / Reverbnation

“Budd Zunga Fine unique diversity of sounds and emotions, my best, BUDD”

Budd Zunga / Reverbnation

“Steve Bonino Train Of Chaos is solid rock!”

Steve Bonino / Reverbnation

“Ghezzi Roger's song sounds like early McCartney...beautiful. Thanks for your sweet comment and for listening:-) Best-Ghezzi”

Ghezzi / Reverbnation

“Steve Bonino Checked out The Bitter End and must say it is beautiful. Shades of early Genesis, one of my favorites.”

Steve Bonino / Reverbnation

“LOST CITY BAND Enjoyed your music Tony !!! Sit back and let the "Solar Flares 2" take you places, sweet track !!! Peace, LCB/jeffrey”

LOST CITY BAND / Reverbnation


Dee Solo Artist / Reverbnation

“Heleana Maria Sea of Glass is So Beautifully Accomplished! Such a Great Variety here to listen to always!”

Heleana Maria / Reverbnation

“Cliff Jordan silky , easy and a little lonesome ...nice mix , sounds all over great job , Cliff”

Cliff Jordan / Reverbnation

“Michael McGuane/Reliablebowmusic floating on Sea of glass....”

Michael McGuane/Reliablebowmusic / Reverbnation

“Heleana Maria Solar Flares puts me into outerspace and calms me at the same time! Nice!”

Heleana Maria / Reverbnation

“John Lewis So smooth and well structured...clear as crystal and loaded with soul..you are truly gifted and im truly grateful you share your gift..keep doin whatcha do ;-)”

John Lewis / Reverbnation

“VinylKitten "Rogers song" is undeniably a beautiful masterpiece! The guitar is soo emotional it takes me on an eloquent nostalgic journey of sound! You are an extraordinary talent! Much Love xoxo”

VinylKitten / Reverbnation

“cesar coronel A wide variety of styles coming from a talented composer. I like the calm and the force in his compositions,the beauty of it all. Each tune is a story that T Reyes is telling us. Remarkable work that deserves big Congrats. Best to you and thanks for the support.”

cesar coronel / Reverbnation

“Bonnie McGill The sweetest angel voice here,,TRACKS IN SPIRALS,, I just drifted away with this beautiful sound sweet guitar playing,, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY..You're awesome,, I'll be back.. xoxoxo”

Bonnie McGill / Reverbnation

“Shane Alan Swaim I am listening to "Tracks in Spirals." Great authentic acoustic song with well crafted lyrics and awesome guitar break. Musically, Shane”

Shane Alan Swaim / Reverbnation

“Heleana Maria Solar Flares taking me beyond this earth! I like that idea as it is to chaotic at times Love the complex sounds and so well blended to a T!”

Heleana Maria / Reverbnation

“Judi Austin Lovely sounds! Especially like 'Sierra Winds' and 'Strangeland'. Heartfelt, atmospheric...very nice indeed”

Judi Austin / Reverbnation

“JNp Music tracks in spirals.. wow very nice voice and guitar work. really soft and motion filled composition. yes T Reyes.. this is fab stuff.”

JNp Music / Reverbnation

“Juliann Andreen Sensational songs composed and performed with skill and emotion! "Roger's Song" is a touching tribute and "Sierra Winds" soars.”

Juliann Andreen / Reverbnation

“June Stevenson Sierra Winds.....loving it....great guitar work....the beginning of the song so reminded me of More Than A Feeling by Boston and then you went in your own direction.....just fab :) June x”

June Stevenson / Reverbnation

“Orange-1 Hey! Thanks soo much!:-) Solar Flares! Wow! Soo excellent! Great work my friend!:--)”

Orange-1 / Reverbnation

“Heleana Maria Sierra Winds brings so many Great memories back to me! So peacefillled but also wonderfully original!”

Heleana Maria / Reverbnation

“A.W.Cobb A dream within a dream, that is what I hear, I really like your songs!!!”

A.W.Cobb / Reverbnation

“Andrew Austin Really like your sound T ~ Sierra Winds conjures up the imaginations...:-)) All the best to you, Andrew”

Andrew Austin / Reverbnation



“John Revitte Beautiful musical journey on "Sierra Winds" brother!!”

John Revitte / Reverbnation

“MikeWhitePresents great sound you've created here Tony..really like that sweet, charming chord progression for "roger's song", it has a beautiful gentle vibe, and diggin the heavier, rockier ballad with the great vocal on "strangeland"..top skills!!”

MikeWhitePresents / Reverbnation

“CATES Solar Flares reminds me of how Pink Floyd used to set the mood. Very mind altering, the flanger was an excellent choice for this song.”

CATES / Reverbnation

“Judy Shire Strangeland w Angel Steel, something draws me to this lovely song. I like your musical style, excellent in every way. love, Judy Shire xxx”

Judy Shire / Reverbnation

“RS Mahmood It always such a pleasure to visit your page...getting completely indulged in the magic of your explosive and expressive creativity.”

RS Mahmood / Reverbnation

“Robert Steven Hunt Beautiful original music, outstanding work, you have an amazing talent, keep up the wonderful work! Loving the beauty of your music that obviously comes fro the heart & touches the soul. A God given talent. My very best wishes for 2013 God Bless you! Best wishes from England. Rob.”

Robert Steven Hunt / Reverbnation

“Leanne Felzien Wow! Listening to "Sands of Time" and I am just blown away. Love this song!”

Leanne Felzien / Reverbnation

“Heleana Maria Very Hi Fi sound Solar Flares for a movie track kind of thing perhaps! NICE!!!”

Heleana Maria / Reverbnation